Akshay Kumar And Twinkle Khanna Were Trolled Heavily For Auctioning Rustom’s Naval Uniform

Check Out How Twinkle Khanna Reacted

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We usually see the Bollywood costumes are auctioned and they are brought in huge amounts. Recently, Akshay Kumar tried to auction his costume that he donned in Rustam movie back in 2016. Akshay Kumar played the role of a naval officer and he was liked in the role. He put held an auction for the naval uniform that he donned in the movie however, the actor faced some unappealing consequences for his idea of placing the costume in the auction.


Akshay Kumar Held Auction For His Costume

Akshay Kumar shared a photo on Twitter. In the photo, Akshay Kumar was wearing the naval uniform that he left out for auction. He wrote, “Hi all  I’m thrilled to announce that you can bid to win the actual naval officer uniform I wore in Rustom! Auction’s proceeds will support the cause of animal rescue and welfare. Place your bid at !”.


Twinkle Khanna Also Announced About The Auction

Akshay Kumar’s wife, Twinkle Khanna also announced the auction on social media. She wrote, “Using all the goodwill I have left to raise money for a good cause 🙂 Do bid folks! And thank you @karanjohar @iHrithik @sonamakapoor and of course @akshaykumar for giving all this fab stuff to @SaltScout”.


Twitterati Trolled Them

However, the decision of auction was not welcomed as Twitterati were not pleased by their idea to auction a uniform. A series of tweets broke out slamming the couple for their quirky and irksome idea.


Lt Colonel Sandeep Ahlawat’s Message To Twinkle Khanna

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Besides all this, Lt Colonel Sandeep Ahlawat also had a message for twinkle Khanna he wrote,

Dear Twinkle Khanna,

I am not on Instagram so giving you a rebuttal on Facebook. Your idea of auctioning the costume that your husband donned in movie Rustom for raising money for your NGO is as sick as your funnybones jokes/books/blog. Your Instagram post about the nauseating idea is flawed on following grounds:-

What your husband wore in movie Rustom was a piece of costume and not uniform.

1. Indian Armed forces wives (Army, Navy, and Airforce) do not auction their husbands’ uniforms.

2. Uniform is not a piece of cloth that a producer hands over to cine stars for enacting roles and make some quick bucks. The permission to wear Uniform comes from the office of the President of India. Uniform is earned with your blood, toil, and sweat which is placed on the mortal remains of soldiers along with the tricolor.

3. If you even make a feeble attempt to auction this piece of costume in the garb of “UNIFORM” then I will drag you to the court. You may like to check my credentials. You touch our honor and we will give you a bloody nose.

Warm regards.

An enraged citizen!!

Twinkle Khanna Replied

After reading the post of Sandeep Ahlawat, Twinkle Khanna was completely on backfoot. Then she started whining that it is not right to threaten a woman for physical harm. And she also stated that she will not retaliate with violence she will take legal action. Maybe, she misunderstood the phrase “to give a bloody nose”.

Well, a uniform is the symbol of responsibility and pride for the officers. Moreover, it is a heinous crime to lay a hand on the uniform of an on-duty officer. Putting, the uniforms in the auction will definitely shower the people with resentment. What do you say about this Akshay

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