India’s Best Dancer 3 Today’s Episode 3rd June 2023; Top 12 Contestants List And Elimination

India's Best Dancer 3 Episode 17: A Mesmerizing Dance Ka Fest Takes Center Stage

India's Best Dancer 3 Today's Episode 3rd June 2023

India’s Best Dancer 3 continues to captivate viewers with its unique and thrilling dance performances. The latest episode, aired on 3rd June 2023, brought forth a delightful Dance Ka Fest for the month of June. With an exciting collaboration between Super Dancer and India’s Best Dancer, the competition reached new heights in the trio mode. Host Jay Bhanushali welcomed the audience to another enthralling episode that showcased the immense talent of the contestants.


A Spectacular Trio Mode Competition

India's Best Dancer

The judges, Geeta, Sonali, and Terence, announced the collaboration between Super Dancer and India’s Best Dancer, setting the stage for a spectacular trio mode competition. The contestants and their choreographers joined forces to deliver mind-blowing performances. The audience was treated to a snippet of Norbu, Tushar, and Florina from Super Dancer as they amazed the judges with their smooth moves on the iconic track “Disco Deewane.”


Dance Ka Fest Delights

India's Best Dancer episode

The episode centered around the vibrant theme of Dance Ka Fest, infusing the air with joy and enthusiasm. The contestants, Spar dancers, and their choreographers showcased their exceptional skills and delighted everyone with their high-energy performances. The Dance Ka Fest (Teen Ka Tadka) brought a fusion of talent, showcasing the incredible chemistry between the participants. Watching Best Boogie LLB, Choreographer Saumya, and Super Sprihaa take the stage with their electrifying routine was a treat.


Host Jay Bhanushali’s Charm

The ever-charming host, Jay Bhanushali, kept the audience engaged and excited throughout the episode. His infectious energy and warm welcome set the tone for an entertaining evening. In addition, Jay’s ability to connect with the contestants and the audience added an extra layer of excitement to the show.


India’s Best Dancer 3 Continues To Shine

India's Best Dancer contestants

India’s Best Dancer 3 has garnered a loyal following due to its exceptional production quality and talented participants. The show, produced by Frames Production India, has become a television sensation, consistently achieving high TRP ratings. It airs on Sony Entertainment TV and is also available for streaming on the Sony Liv OTT platform, ensuring that viewers can enjoy the show at their convenience.

The 3rd June 2023 episode of India’s Best Dancer 3 delivered an unforgettable Dance Ka Fest, bringing together the best dancers from Super Dancer and IBD. The collaboration in the trio mode competition elevated the show’s entertainment quotient to new heights. Host Jay Bhanushali’s infectious energy and the incredible talent displayed by the contestants made it an episode worth remembering. India’s Best Dancer 3 continues to shine as a beacon of exceptional dance talent, captivating audiences week after week.

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