Ishwar Thakur Of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain Is Struggling Due To Financial Crisis, ‘I Don’t Have Money To Buy Diapers’

Ishwar Thakur Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain

The only positive aspects of an actor’s life are depicted in this glamorous entertainment world. Celebrities are compelled to uphold a high-profile lifestyle and standard that appeals to their fans and admirers. However, it can be difficult to retain a certain status and smile genuinely when one is battling to meet daily needs. As things were starting to become simpler, the Covid-19 outbreak struck, and for many of us, it completely disrupted everything. During that time, the lockdown was heavy for celebrities as well. Ishwar Thakur from Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hain explained his financial crisis in the following manner.


Ishwar Thakur Is In A Severe Financial Crisis

Ishwar Thakur Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain

Ishwar Thakur, a television actor, is not in the best of health. Recently, the actor talked about going through financial difficulty. Additionally, he has a severe kidney condition. The actor recently discussed his financial situation in an interview with an established Indian television channel. He also said that he lacked the funds to buy diapers for his sick mother or himself. Ishwar added that he had already stopped receiving Ayurvedic treatment for his renal condition because he ran out of money. He also mentioned how much preferable death is to the painful existence he is currently leading. Thakur disclosed that his condition has become worse since the COVID-19 outbreak shook the globe.

Ishwar Thakur said, “I do not even have the money to buy diapers, so I am using old newspapers as a substitute. I cannot get myself treated by a good doctor, as I cannot afford it. Earlier, I was getting an Ayurvedic treatment for my condition. But I have stopped that as well. As I do not have any money left for it.” Ishwar also added, “I am very critical. Death seems better than this life now. But I cannot leave my mother and brother in this condition alone, so I continue to fight.”


Ishwar Discloses About His Mother’s And Brother’s Health

Ishwar Thakur Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain

Ishwar further revealed that his mother is currently bedridden. She urinates in the bed, he added. He stated that his mother, who has been bedridden since the lockdown, is only partially conscious. Ishwar provided some insight into his brother’s situation by revealing that his sibling also has schizophrenia and is not in good health. He had previously been receiving care in a government hospital. However, due to a lack of funds, his family relocated him to an ashram close to Nashik.

Ishwar also disclosed during the same meeting that he had received financial assistance from friends and colleagues in the industry before the outbreak, but they had since stopped. Ishwar Thakur also mentioned that he had engaged in several auditions for the shows. Producers, however, drop him when they learn about his ailment. This is due to their perception that they will be liable if something happens to Ishwar on set.

Ishwar Thakur has appeared on several other comedy shows, including May I Come in Madam and Jijaji Chat Par Hain, among others. We wish Ishwar Thakur a speedy recovery.

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