Jaya Bachchan Gives Dating Advice For Granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda, ‘Physical Compatibility Is Very Important’

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Veteran actor Jaya Bachchan is known for expressing her opinion openly. Recently, Jaya Bachchan said that ‘physical attraction’ is most important for a relationship to make it work longer. On the podcast of her granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda, ‘What The Hell Navya,’ Jaya said that ‘our times we could not experiment.’ She also added that she does not have any problem with Navya Naveli Nanda having a ‘child without marriage.’

Speaking with her granddaughter on her podcast, Jaya Bachchan said,

“People will find it objectionable coming from me, but physical attraction and compatibility are also very important. Our times we couldn’t experiment, but today the generation does and why shouldn’t they? Because that also is responsible for a long-lasting relationship. If there isn’t a physical relationship it’s not going to last very long. You can’t be lasting on love and fresh air and adjustment, I feel. It’s very very important.”

Jaya Bachchan Navya Naveli Nanda

She added,

“Sometimes it’s a pity, but a lot of the younger lot, of course, we never could, we couldn’t even think about it, but the younger generation, even after me, Shweta’s generation, Navya’s is a different ballgame, but they would feel guilty going through that experience, and I think it’s very wrong. It’s okay, and then you do things on the sly. If you had a physical relationship and you feel that still, my relationship otherwise not worked out, you can be nice about it.”

Jaya Bachchan also gave her advice to the younger generation. She added,

“I’m looking at it very clinically. Since there’s a lack of that emotion, the romance today… I think you should marry your best friend. You should have a good friend; you should discuss and say, ‘Maybe I’d like to have a child with you because I like you; I think you’re nice, so let’s get married because that’s what society’s saying.’ I have no problem if you have a child without a marriage; also, I really don’t have a problem.”

What do you guys think about Jaya Bachchan’s opinion? Agree with her? Let us know in the comments below.

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