Karan Johar Announces ‘Student Of The Year 3’ Web Series; Reema Maya Will Direct SOTY 3

Reema Maya Student Of The Year 3

At the new Cinevesture International Film Festival (CIFF), Karan Johar set the rumor all set in motion with his revelations about the upcoming new part of the cherished film, ‘Student of the Year 3’ Splitting away from the regular tradition, Johar unveiled that ‘Student of the Year 3’ will be changed into a web series, with the capable Reema Maya taking the Director’s seat.


Karan Johar Announces ‘Student Of The Year 3’

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During a spellbinding meeting at CIFF, Karan Johar shared his arrangements for ‘Student of the Year 3.’ He uncovered that the upcoming part will embrace the digital and OTT stage, denoting a takeoff from the regular Bollywood cinematic experience. Only time will tell about the complete revelations of Student of The Year 3. Also, Karan Johar declared and confirmed that the famous Reema Maya, known for her historical work in autonomous filmmaking, will take the task of this filmmaking.


Reema Maya: A Visionary Director For SOTY 3

Reema Maya

Reema Maya’s growth in the realm of filmmaking has been stunning. With a noteworthy making of Award-winning short films, including ‘Counterfeit Kunkoo,’ which gathered praise at Sundance, Maya has laid down a good foundation for herself as a visionary Director. Her most recent venture, ‘Nocturnal Burger,’ debuted at Sundance in 2023. This further makes her stand as a pioneer in the film industry. Let’s dig deep into the details of Student Of The Year 3.


Karan Johar’s Stellar Cast

Karan Johar is known for his abilities and skill in supporting and launching new talents in Bollywood. Thus, his joint effort with Director Reema Maya highlights his need for advancement in this era. It focuses on Reema Maya’s innovative independence. So Karan Johar communicated his craving and deep desire for the series to Reema Maya’s vision for Student Of The Year 3, thus guaranteeing a new and amazing attempt at the dearest upcoming film.


Anticipation Builds For SOTY 3

With the declaration of ‘Student of the Year 3’ as a web series, expectations among fans are arriving at breaking point. During insights concerning the cast, rumors recommend that Shanaya Kapoor might feature in the series. As crowds anxiously anticipate further updates, the buzz encompassing the advanced transformation keeps on developing. Karan Johar and Reema Maya start on this thrilling journey to carry ‘Student of the Year 3’ to life. Therefore, everyone is focused on the unique couple to convey another realistic work of art with their consolidated ability and vision. Thus, the stage is set for a remarkable movie experience that will remark on the limits of narrating in the advanced digital age.

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