5 Best Moments Of Koffee With Karan 7 Episode 2 Featuring Janhvi Kapoor And Sara Ali Khan

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Koffee With Karan is one of the most talked chat shows where Bollywood celebrities share their deepest secrets on the coffee couch. Many celebrities appeared in the show. The actors confess and even give shocking revelations to answer questions about other celebrities. The show originally started in 2004. Season 7 is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. In episode 2 of Season 7, Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor were on the Koffee couch. The duo talked about their incident in Kedarnath, their recent crush, and their ex-es and also made some shocking revelations. Janvhi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan also talked about how they became such close friends. Here are some of the best moments from Koffee With Karan 7 episode 2.


1. Dated Two Brothers

Sara Janhvi Karan KWK

At the show’s start, Karan Johar asked both the actresses about the things they had in common. He also joked about how they dated two brothers. Of course, he has not named them. Karan said,

“I am tracking back to before the pandemic. I don’t know your friendship level today, but I don’t remember there being any. I remember you both have dated siblings before.”

He clarified that it was in the past. Karan added,

“I mean, it was the past. You both dated two brothers. And the commonality between the three of us is that they both used to live in my building.” 


2. Lockdown Diaries

Sara Ali Khan Janhvi Kapoor Koffee With Karan E2

Janhvi Kapoor talked about how the lockdown and pandemic brought her closer to the family. She added that she feels more secure with her siblings, Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor. Sara Ali Khan added that she was anxious at home as all the shooting work had stopped during the COVID-19 lockdown. Sara said that important years in her career were passing away. Karan Johar gave her the example of Deepika Padukone. He said she peaked in her career at 36, and Sara should not worry about it. Janhvi said,

“We were neighbors in Goa and we had a common friend. Then one day we started talking. We ended up talking till 8 AM in the morning.”


3. Sara Wants To Date Vijay Deverakonda

Sara Ali Khan On Vijay Deverakonda

Karan asks Sara to reveal the person she is currently crushing on. She first refuses but eventually confesses that it’s Vijay Deverakonda. Janhvi, who is seated next to her, can’t help but laugh. Karan then mentions Janhvi’s frequent sightings with Vijay.


4. Kedarnath Trip

Sara Janhvi KWK

On one of their trips to Kedarnath, the duo went trekking, where they faced a near-death experience. Sharing details of their trip, Sara said,

“We decided to go to Bhairavnath, and there was a normal path for walking. But we thought ourselves to be better. We chose to hike instead. There was an 85 incline of just rocks and Janhvi was like ‘Let us just climb this’.”


5. Hook Up With Ex

Sara Ali Khan Koffee With Karan 7

Karan Johar asked if Sara would hook up with her ex. She said, “The correct answer is yes; the correct answer is maybe under exceptional circumstances.” Janhvi Kapoor said No, she will not.

Karan questions Sara about her rumored ex-boyfriend, Kartik Aaryan. He says, “One reason why your ex is your ex?” To which she responds, “because he is everyone’s ex.”

People have different opinions about the second episode of Koffee With Karan. Many think that Karan Johar was biased towards Janhvi Kapoor. He constantly called Janhvi hotter than Sara. He also compared the family dynamics of both the actresses. These were some of the best moments of Karan Johar

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