Kumkum Bhagya Today’s 13th September 2023 Written Updates

Kumkum Bhagya 13th September 2023

Vishaka tells Ashok to release Ranbir from jail in today’s Kumkum Bhagya 13th September 2023 episode, and Manpreet urges Ashok to do the same thing. Ashok steps forward, concurring with Vishaka and Manpreet, but Akshay enters, arguing that Ranbir should not be freed under any circumstances whatsoever. Prachi tells Akshay that he is wrong to imprison Ranbir, but Akshay responds by questioning her why she is worried about Ranbir. This enrages Ashok, who asks him to act appropriately with Prachi while also ordering him to bail out Ranbir.

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Mihika Slaps Akshay

Mihika Kumkum Bhagya

Meanwhile, Manpreet informs Akshay that Ranbir came to visit Mihika after she contacted him, but Akshay points out that Ranbir met Mihika since he was afraid. Akshay refuses to bail out Ranbir and rather informs Ashok that he may do anything he wants. Mihika pulls him towards her and slaps him hard, prompting Akshay to raise his hand on her as well, but the Tandons restrain him. She informs Akshay that she isn’t her brother since he imprisoned her love and then rushes out to free Ranbir out. Akshay and others pursue her, hoping to stop her, while Vishaka faints, causing Ashok to pursue her.


Pallavi In Tears

Afterward, Mihika hops out of the car, deafening Akshay’s pleadings not to free Ranbir. Inside, Dadi and Pallavi learn from Vikram that a lawyer cannot be found to help Ranbir because it is a holiday. Hearing this, Pallavi bursts into tears and begs Vikram to do anything, prompting Vikram to hold her.


Akshay Forces Mihika

Actress Kumkum Bhagya

Outside, Akshay forcefully grips Mihika’s hand as he leads her to the car, causing Prachi to step in between them, thereby halting Akshay. He questions Prachi if she worries about him or Mihika, and Mihika assures Prachi that she understands how to handle Akshay. Akshay takes Mihika back to the car, but when she sees the cops, she begs for assistance, claiming that Akshay is compelling her to go home despite her objections. The police force Akshay to release go of Mihika’s hand and seize Akshay, forcing Mihika to flee inside.


Cops Arrest Akshay

Kumkum Bhagya

On the other hand, Vikram’s pleas to bail out Ranbir are denied by the police, which is when Mihika enters the picture. Mihika informs the cops that Ranbir had no involvement in her suicide, prompting the police to believe that Akshay had forced Mihika to commit herself. After she accepts, Akshay yells to Mihika, wondering if she’s crazy, while being detained by the police, who are on their way to arrest him. Nevertheless, Prachi informs the police that neither Ranbir nor Akshay is accountable for Mihika’s suicide.


Ranbir Gets Freed

Kumkum Bhagya 17 June 2023

She urges Mihika to accept the truth, and Mihika confesses to committing suicide on her own. When the officer hears the confession, he protects Akshay from being jailed and warns Mihika that suicide is a crime. Mihika praises the officer as Ranbir gets freed, prompting Pallavi to hug him but turning harsh when she sees Mihika and Manpreet holding hands.


Mihika’s Love For Ranbir

Mihika claims that she adores Ranbir and would do whatever for him, even if it meant choosing Ranbir over Akshay.

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