Kundali Bhagya Today’s 20th August 2023 Written Updates

Kundali Bhagya 20th August 2023

The Kundali Bhagya episode for August 20, 2023, features Palki thoughtfully grinning at Rajveer as he assures her he is an expert at handling women. Rajveer leaps in terror and begs Palki not to throw him at the females; at this point, she turns and calls out to them. Palki chuckles and invites him to join her in the kitchen, where she will watch after him.

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Shaurya Asks For Help

Kundali bhagya Today's Episode

Shaurya, on the other hand, has to get someplace quickly and requests Sandy to contact Sanju to get his car after conveniently scratching his own. Shaurya is informed by Sandy that Sanju is not at home and that it would take no less than an hour for him to arrive.


Shanaya Wants Shaurya’s Attention

Kundali Bhagya Latest Written Updates Rajveer

Shanaya is trying to get Shaurya’s attention because he hasn’t shown any interest in her. She considers how to take advantage of Shaurya’s friendship with Rajveer while considering their connection.


What Will Happen Next In Kundali Bhagya?

Kundali Bhagya Latest Episode

The beginning of the upcoming episode shows Shaurya and Sandy strolling down the hallway as Shaurya assures Sandy that they will be using Nidhi’s car, parked downstairs. At that point, Shanaya enters the area and purposefully collides with Shuarya, who grabs her before she falls. Shaurya smiles as he recognizes her tactic Shanaya gives him puppy-dog eyes.

Palki informs Rajveer that he shouldn’t have issues bringing her when conversing in the kitchen. He becomes unhappy when Palki tells Rajveer that he must accompany her tonight. Rajveer had been eager to ask her when she would want to go.

The following morning, Shambhu phones Nidhi to give her some information on Preeta’s whereabouts; Nidhi replies that she will soon be there if he sends her the live location. After that, Nidhi is sure it will be Preeta’s last day.

What will happen next in Kundali Bhagya? Let us know what you think in the comment section below. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Tune in to Kundali Bhagya at 9:30 p.m. to discover what happens next. Stay tuned for further updates.

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