Kundali Bhagya Today’s 5th September 2023 Written Updates

Kundali Bhagya 5th September 2023

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in the Luthra house with the family present in today’s Kundali Bhagya episode from September 5, 2023. When Kritika hands Rishabh and Karan their Rakhi, she enthusiastically inquires of them as to what they planned for her as a present. Kritika is delighted with Karan’s gift for her, and when she asks Rishabh to unveil his gift, he puts on the act of forgetting to prepare it. Kritika responds that she needs two presents from her two brothers when Rishabh wonders whether she can get by with only one. In response to Kritika’s question about whether Rishabh has forgotten his gift, the latter responds that he hasn’t forgotten anything of such importance and gives Kritika a ring that intrigues her.

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Rajveer Is Unhappy

Kundali Bhagya Next Episode Updates

Rajveer feels unhappy as he sits because he wishes to develop a relationship with Kavya like a brother but cannot expose his identity in front of his own family. When the elders are done, Rakhi invites Kavya and Shaurya to begin their Raksha Bandhan ceremony while Rajveer looks longingly at them. While she arranges the thali with flowers and diya while the snake comes them from the other side, Kavya invites Shaurya to sit pleasantly on the couch chair. Kavya is adjusting when she spills something on the floor and reaches beneath the chair with her bare hands to get it where the snake slithers.


Kavya Is Biten By Snake

When Nidhi sees the snake, she is shocked since it could easily lead to death and will foil her plan for Preeta. In an attempt to obtain a better perspective, Kavya pushes the chair forward. She is startled to discover a snake slithering across the floor when she does. The snake bites Kavya’s hand before leaving. The moment Kavya yells snake and is bitten on the hand, shocking everyone in the room, she is brought to the sofa so she may lie down. While Shrishti informs Preeta that there aren’t any snakes around, Preeta starts yelling Kavya’s name and commands her to go away from the snakes at another location.


Shrishti To Disclose Rudra

Kundali Bhagya Shrishti

Preeta had flashbacks to the past, including the moment they were stranded in a plane full of snakes, and she saw a little girl’s image approaching in front of her eyes. Preeta proceeds to call Kavya and Rudra’s names while Gurpreet assists Shrishti by placing Preeta on the bed. Shrishti then discloses that Rudra is actually Rajveer.


Nidhi Locks Snake Charmer

Nidhi notices the snake charmer wandering around the home and goes to a room with him while everybody attempts to contact the doctor for Kavya at the same time. The snake charmer is instructed to stay inside by Nidhi, but he demands to leave because the girl who was bitten will pass away in the next fifteen minutes. Nidhi claims she doesn’t care for Kavya’s life and only wants to ensure she is secure before locking the snake charmer in the room.


Rajveer Passes Out

Kundali Bhagya Latest Written Updates Rajveer

Everyone is astonished when Nidhi informs them that the snake is extremely dangerous, and Rishabh and Mahesh go to get the doctor. While Rajveer leaps in and begins sucking Kavya’s blood and spitting it out, Shaurya injures his knee by banging it on the table. Shaurya urges Rajveer to stop spitting when he sees him, but the family members tell him to keep quiet because Rajveer is attempting to save Kavya’s life. Even after Kavya pleads for him to stop and informs him that he is her brother, Rajveer refuses, losing consciousness and passing out.


Shaurya Accuses Rajveer

Kundali Bhagya Latest Episode

Rishabh and Mahesh bring the doctor, and as Shaurya accuses Rajveer of acting, the doctor applies anti-venom injections to both Kavya and Rajveer. Shaurya is told to stop talking by Rakhi, who also urges her to show Shaurya the mirror for his obnoxious behavior and demeanor. Kareena concurs with Rakhi.

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