Kushi Movie Review: Vijay And Samantha Shine In This Simple Yet Beautiful Rom-Com

Kushi Movie Review

A delightful Telugu romantic comedy, Kushi unfurled its cinematic magic. Under the creative vision of Shiva Nirvana, who is both the writer’s pen and the director’s lens, this film was carefully woven. Meanwhile, Mythri Movie Makers are the producers. Adding stars to its constellation, the film’s pivotal roles are gracefully brought to life by Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Vijay Deverakonda. As the curtains rose on September 1, 2023, Kushi graced the silver screens, inviting audiences into its enchanting world.

Since Kushi is releasing in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam, the movie’s popularity transcends linguistic barriers. This bilingual approach further presents the directors’ faith in the film’s relatability and universal issues.


Kushi Movie Story

Kushi Samantha

Aradhya and Viplav, hailing from contrasting castes and life narratives, intertwine their destinies in love. This love is so strong that it defies parental expectations, culminating in a daring union. With unwavering courage, they opt to present this unconventional decision before their families. Additionally, the inception of their marital journey is adorned with the hues of serenity and beauty, casting a picturesque spell.

However, as time unfurls its truth, the canvas shifts. The tapestry of their emotions frays with the threads of misunderstanding, ushering in a somber rupture. The unfolding chapters also hold the secrets of what fate will decree. In essence, Kushi emerges as a tapestry of love, infused with action and drama, unfurling against the breathtaking backdrop of Kashmir.


Kushi Movie Review

Kushi Samantha Ruth Vijay Movie
Still From Song

In Kushi, Shiva Nirvana masterfully weaves an unconventional narrative with a blend of humor and introspection, infusing a unique subject with his artistic touch. Swiftly introducing the protagonist, the story promptly unfolds its central premise. Furthermore, Vijay Deverakonda’s presence and performance in the film are nothing short of exceptional. He delivers a remarkable portrayal that effortlessly mirrors Viplav’s myriad emotions.

Meanwhile, Samantha, in her customary fashion, delivers a performance that showcases her remarkable skills, harmonizing seamlessly with Vijay’s energy. The synergy between the two leads is palpable, rendering their on-screen partnership genuinely captivating. The supporting ensemble also contributes commendably to their respective roles, injecting a dash of entertainment into the mix.

Vijay Samantha Kushi Review
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Notably, the film’s sonic landscape emerges as a cornerstone. Debutant Hesham Abdul Wahab also crafts a sensational musical score that leaves a lasting impact. His prowess extends to the film’s background music, enhancing its emotional resonance. The movie’s visual narrative is elevated by stunning cinematography.

Kushi Review
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It captures settings in their most enchanting splendor. However, the film’s duration might occasionally seem drawn out, and certain narrative turns could veer toward predictability. These minor flaws, however, fade into insignificance when juxtaposed against the magnetic chemistry between Vijay and Samantha, which shines as the film’s true gem.


Final Verdict

Kushi Samantha Vijay

The film adeptly captures the intricate tapestry of human sentiments and connections, delving into the intricate dynamics of matrimony, familial bonds, and societal pressures. While it may have its imperfections, it triumphs in infusing a fresh perspective into the realm of romantic comedies. The collective exploration renders it a compelling cinematic experience. For those seeking a harmonious amalgamation of wit and modern-day romantic prospects, this cinematic creation emerges as a gratifying choice. We give the film 3.5 stars out of 5.

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