Kusum Ka Biyaah Movie Review: Suvendu Raj Ghosh Directorial Is A Heartwarming Watch

Kusum ka Biyaah review

Kusum Ka Biyaah is a Hindi movie from 2024 inspired by real events. Pradip Chopra and Balwant Purohit produce it. Additionally, they produce it under the banners of I Lead Films, Balwant Purohit Media, and SRG Films. Suvendu Raj Ghosh directs the film, with Vikash Dubey and Sandip Dubey as the writers for the story, screenplay, and dialogue.


Kusum Ka Biyaah Movie Story

Kusum Ka Biyaah Sujana Darjee

Kusum Ka Biyaah goes beyond a typical love story by aiming to deliver a powerful message about reforming the government system. The story revolves around Sunil’s marriage, played by Lovekansh Garg, who encounters numerous challenges. Additionally, the joyful event takes a tumultuous turn when a nationwide lockdown disrupts the wedding celebrations.

Kusum Ka Biyaah Lovekansh Garg

Stranded on a bamboo bridge connecting Bihar and Jharkhand, the entire wedding party must cope with this unexpected twist. Additionally, the film explores the tensions and conflicts between Bihar and Jharkhand, offering a heartwarming narrative.


Kusum Ka Biyaah Movie Review

Kusum Ka Biyaah Cast

Kusum Ka Biyaah acts as a reflection of how decisions by the central government affect the lives of rural residents. This comes especially during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, Sujana Darjee delivers a compelling performance as the reserved new bride, adding depth to her character. Lovekansh Garg also impresses in his role as the groom, portraying his character with effortless ease and authenticity.

Furthermore, Bhanu Pratap Singh’s musical compositions provide a melodic backdrop to the film, complementing its emotional narrative. Suvendu Ghosh’s direction is notable for his adept handling of the plot. He also ensures the film remains captivating from start to finish. Despite lacking a traditional story arc, Ghosh skillfully weaves together incidents. He prevents any dull moments and keeps the audience engaged.

While Kusum Ka Biyaah may not feature a conventional storyline, it nonetheless captivates audiences. The film also depicts the struggles and broader impact of the pandemic on society. It serves as a reminder of people’s resilience and endurance during crises. Ghosh also hopes that the film’s impact extends beyond the cinematic experience, inspiring positive change in the society it portrays.


Final Verdict

Kusum Ka Biyaah Plot

In summary, Kusum Ka Biyaah is not just a love story but also a poignant commentary on societal challenges. It also shows bureaucratic complexities and the resilience of individuals in difficult circumstances. Additionally, the film is highlighted by heartfelt performances, a good soundtrack, and a genuine portrayal of human emotions. Despite some minor flaws, it offers audiences an experience that transcends conventional storytelling boundaries. We rate the movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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