Love Island USA Season 5: July 20, 2023 Episode 3; Check Where To Watch Online?

Love Island USA Season 5 Premiere: Sparks Fly in Fiji Villa!

Love Island USA Season 5 Episode 3 Watch

Love Island USA has returned with a bang, and fans couldn’t be more thrilled as season 5 kicked off in the picturesque setting of Fiji. The sun-kissed island paradise has set the stage for a summer of love, drama, and surprises, making for an explosive start to the latest installment.


Sarah Hyland Takes the Stage

Love Island 2023 Summer Edition

Actress Sarah Hyland has taken over hosting duties, bringing her infectious energy and charm to the show. In the season premiere, she hilariously portrayed being stranded on an island until the villa was ready. But once the doors opened, the islanders couldn’t wait to dive into the love-fueled adventure. The new Fiji villa exudes modernity and charm, with vibrant hues and intricate details that make it a tropical paradise. Some islanders couldn’t help but compare it to a “Barbie dreamhouse,” setting the tone for what’s to come.


Coupling-Up Ceremony

Love Island USA Season 5 Latest Episode

The tension rose as the female islanders arrived first, eagerly anticipating their perfect match among the male contestants. Hearts adorned the ground, representing potential partners. While some men were instantly famous, others found themselves standing alone. By the end of the coupling ceremony, several couples emerged, sparking excitement and uncertainty. Kassy and Leonardo, Destiny and Marco, Jasmine and Victor, Kay and Keenan, and Anna and Bergie formed the initial pairs.


Anna And Bergie: An Unsteady Connection

Though the coupling seemed promising at first, Anna quickly expressed doubts about her compatibility with Bergie. Feeling he was too nerdy and shy, Anna set her sights on Leonardo instead. Tensions rose when Bergie, desperate to impress, made a bold move during the season’s first game night, resulting in mixed feelings. As the episode reached its climax, Bergie and Anna found themselves voted the least compatible couple. Faced with a tough decision, Bergie chose to step aside, leading to a surprising twist. A surprise text offered him a second chance, leaving everyone on the edge of their seats.


Where To Watch: Stream On Peacock

Love Island USA Season 5

Love Island USA Season 5 will be available for streaming exclusively on Peacock, giving fans the perfect opportunity to catch all the love, drama, and excitement. The first three seasons are also available on Hulu for those looking to relive the earlier moments of the show.

Love Island USA 5 promises an unforgettable journey of love and heartbreak in the enchanting Fiji villa. With new islanders and surprises around every corner, viewers are in for a wild ride. Tune in at 9 pm EST for all the action, and be ready for a summer full of love, laughter, and maybe a little chaos. So, buckle up and join the islanders in Fiji for an adventure you won’t want to miss!

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