Mirzapur 3 Cast Salary: Know How Much Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, And Others Charged For Their Roles

Mirzapur Season 3 Cast Salary

Excel Entertainment’s third season of Mirzapur debuted on Amazon Prime Video on July 5. After years of waiting for the next chapter, devoted fans got more information about their favorite characters. The gritty and brutal world of Mirzapur season 3 has captured the attention of viewers. One of the most well-liked online series in India, the program has developed a cult following because of its compelling plot, endearing characters, and outstanding acting. The popularity of the show has been greatly attributed to the ensemble cast, which consists of some of the best performers in the business. Their salary has also increased significantly in tandem with the show’s rising popularity. However, did you know how much each episode of Mirzapur’s main cast makes?


Mirzapur 3 Cast Salary

Shweta Tripathi Mirzapur

From Pankaj Tripathi, and Ali Fazal, to Shweta Tripathi Sharma, here is how much the actors charged for their roles in Mirzapur Season 3.


Pankaj Tripathi

Mirzapur Kaaleen Bhaiya

Pankaj Tripathi, who plays Kaleen Bhaiya is the highest-paid actor in the series. The actor reportedly demanded Rs 10 crores for each episode of season 2.  For season three, he is making more money. Still, it’s not disclosed.


Ali Fazal

Ali Fazal Mirzapur Season 3

The second-highest-paid actor on the show is Ali Fazal, who plays Guddu Bhaiaya. He gets 12 lakhs rupees for each episode.


Shweta Tripathi Sharma

Shweta Tripathi Mirzapur Season 3

The salary for Shweta Tripathi Sharma, who portrays Golu Gupta, is Rs 2.2 lakh for each episode.


Rasika Dugal

Rasika Dugal Mirzapur Season 3

For Mirzapur season 3, Rasika Dugal, who portrays Beena Tripathi, received Rs 2 lakhs.


Ali Fazal On Mirzapur Season 3

Ali Fazal - Mirzapur

Hinting at the scary transition of the character he stated,

“Season three is not one moment. It’s an entire season of an arc where this person, in one instance, is saying ‘Violence is my USP,’ and in another instance, he is a very lonely man, shouting, ‘Maza aa raha hai na?’ (Are you having fun?). You’ll see another transition of its own kind and it’s really scary.”

He continued,

“I would love to hear from audiences, hopefully it has evolved. Hopefully, there is a graph that you can look back at and see how that has changed. And that’s how human life changes. We get affected. These are people who are living in a very violent world, fictional but that’s the story, and there are consequences in their lives. And that is the deterioration that I’m portraying. I wouldn’t say it is a systematic but periodic deterioration of this man, this innocence of a college kid.”


Director On Mirzapur 3

Co-director Gurmeet Singh stated, “The first two seasons of Mirzapur redefined the crime thriller genre in India. With Season 3, we aim to surpass ourselves, delving deeper into the characters’ lives and introducing mind-blowing plot twists that will leave audiences speechless. We can’t wait for fans to witness the ultimate showdown for control of Mirzapur. The stakes have never been higher, the battles promise to be bloodier than ever before, and the world of Mirzapur expands to encompass an even greater canvas.”

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