Naagin 6 Today’s Episode 17th June 2023 Written Updates And Spoiler Alert

Naagin 6 17th June 2023

Pragati will murder her first target in the forthcoming Naagin 6 17th June 2023  tale! Pragati has so far transformed into a Maha Shesh Naagin and embraced this identity in Naagin 6’s tale. She then becomes trapped in the Gujral Mansion fire, which causes her to remember her former self, Prarthna, who perished with her whole family. As a result, Pragati becomes furious. Read on to know more.

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Pragati Attacks Raghav

Naagin 6 Episode

Raghav is attacked by Pragati, who is overcome by her desire for vengeance, but Prarthna stops her in her tracks before she can set Raghav on fire. Pragati is made to understand by Prarthna that Mehak and Swarna should get punishment, not the defenseless Raghav.

According to the most recent Naagin 6 spoiler, Raghav accepts the proposed marriage to a female. On the other hand, Raghav shares a gunshot wound in his back with Raghu, proving that he is Raghu’s reincarnation.


What Will Happen Next In The Story Of Naagin 6?

Pragati and Raghav will meet up again in the forthcoming Naagin 6 tale!

As of this point in Naagin 6’s tale, Pragati is ready to murder Meheck because she has been enraged by her desire for retribution after learning about her prior existence. She begins eavesdropping on Meheck’s relatives to get information that may aid her in learning more about Mahek’s life.

In the meantime, Raghav goes on a picture shoot in the woods with his future bride, where they shoot a rifle for amusement. Raghav, however, is revealed to be Raghu’s reincarnation when the gunshot activates his memories, and he shouts Prarthna’s name.

Without even realizing why Prarthna’s name is being called, Raghav rushes to Naagmahal to see her. In the meantime, Pragati notices him in the woods looking upset and begins dancing around him while referring to him as Raghu. Keep watching Naagin 6 to find out how Pragati and Raghav reconcile and whether Raghav teams up with Pragati to murder Meheck, his Badi Ma.


Naagin 6

Naagin 6 Today's Episode Written Update

Balaji Telefilms and Ekta Kapoor created the Hindi-language television program Naagin 6. The sixth season premiere of the television series Naagin was confirmed for February 12th, 2022, by the Colours TV network. One of the show’s notable performers is Tejaswi Prakash. Simba Nagpal, Adaa Khan, and Urvashi Dholakia play the lead roles. The Nagin 6 television series will be shown on Colours TV on Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 PM.

The program features captivating tales, outstanding performers, and compelling plots. Each episode piques interest and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The drama maintains viewers’ interest with each new episode thanks to its gripping narrative and exceptional acting by the excellent ensemble. Be on the lookout for the next episode. The anticipated shocks in Naagin are what draw fans in. Keep an eye out for additional miracles and wonders in this gripping thriller that pulls viewers every day.

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