Neeyat Review: Vidya Balan Is The Saving Grace In This Half-Baked Murder Mystery

Neeyat Review

Anu Menon is the director of the 2023 Indian mystery movie Neeyat, which is in Hindi. Vikram Malhotra is a producer working with Amazon Prime Video and Abundantia Entertainment. In addition to Ram Kapoor and other cast members, Vidya Balan is the star of the film. The movie was out in theatres on July 7, 2023.


Neeyat Story

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Billionaire Ashish Kapoor and his close-knit family and friends are central to the narrative. Additionally, everyone in this place is entangled in their private web. Scotland’s breathtakingly beautiful hills serve as the backdrop.

Investigator Mira Rao must uncover this timeless whodunit’s covert motives and puzzles. These appear following the discovery of Ashish Kapoor’s body at his party. It makes for an exciting story to find out if it was a suicide or a murder and who was responsible.


Neeyat Review

Neeyat Movie
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The movie’s plot is supported by cleverly designed cryptic dialogue. Excellent cinematography is also present. Additionally, it increases the value of this suspenseful thriller by 100%. Additionally, the eye-pleasing scenic vistas shot in actual locations are vivid, new, and original. All of the actors give everything their full backing.

Regarding performances, Vidya Balan is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best. She demonstrates once more that she is capable of giving a variety of personalities genuine depth. Additionally, her nuanced facial expressions highlight a peculiar quality of her work. The remainder of the cast makes every effort to defend their roles in the meantime.

Additionally, the second half’s changes and surprises will pique audiences’ interest considerably more. The plot twists take a non-linear style rather than merely being a detective drama. You now take part in the guessing game as a result of this. The narrative is respectable and surprising in specific ways. However, there are a few sequences that, despite aiming to be serious, come off as humorous.

No one in the movie immediately becomes awful, but no one achieves greatness either. Vidya attempts to improve the film, although it falls short in various ways.


Final Verdict

Neeyat Movie Review
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Neeyat is a one-time watch in the end. Additionally, Neeyat marks Vidya Balan’s return to theatres following a successful run of three mega successes on OTT. Neeyat is enjoyable if you can get beyond a few dull performances. We give this film a score of 2.5 out of 5.

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