Tarla Review: Huma Qureshi Delivers A Solid Performance In This Straightforward Tale

Tarla Movie Review Huma

Tarla Dalal (1936-2013) was a well-known Indian chef, cookbook author, and TV personality. She was well-known in India for her extensive collection of vegetarian dishes and the contributions she made to the cooking world. Tarla Dalal was instrumental in popularising vegetarian food and making it appealing to a broad public.

Tarla Dalal’s accomplishments in the culinary industry were highly acknowledged, and she won various prizes and plaudits for her efforts. Her dishes are still popular, and her influence lives on throughout. Read on to learn about the movie made about her, Tarla. Happy Reading!


Tarla Story

Tarla Movie

The plot follows a teenage Tarla (played by Huma Qureshi) with tremendous goals but needs direction. Tarla has been married to Nalin Dalal (played by Sharib Hashmi) for 12 years and has three children. She still desires to achieve something in life, as she says, ‘Kuch toh karna hai, par yeh kuch kya hai, abhi maloom nahi.’ Well, the young girl clearly has passion but without direction.

She remains a successful housewife, but she has to let go of a lot as possibilities start knocking on her door one after another. The difficulty begins there, and the main plot of the narrative is how she overcomes all obstacles. We follow Tarla’s story as it develops, from the moment her husband encourages her to begin giving culinary lessons at home to her struggles with selling her first cookbook to ultimately having her cooking program on TV.


Tarla Movie Review


Even though Tarla has an almost two-hour running duration, it occasionally struggles to keep you interested. Gupta, who co-wrote the narrative with Gautam Ved, doesn’t hold back in illustrating the struggle a housewife (or homemaker) faces in balancing her profession and taking care of her family. Despite all the flavor that Tarla brings to the screen, the movie feels a little under-garnished. Huma Qureshi fits into the skin of the character.

In the Dalal home and elsewhere, there is undoubtedly a lot of cooking and eating going on, but the excitement and sizzle you might anticipate from a movie about food are, at best, muffled. Because the world isn’t prepared for a Tarla Dalal yet, the two lead actors work around the obstacles to produce a composite portrayal of a marriage and a profession that experience their fair share of challenges.


Final Verdict

Tarla Movie Review

Tarla is a hearty cinematic meal that never loses sight of its primary objective, but it would have been far more deserving of praise if it had given more thought to the process of bringing the era to life. Although the detailing is accurate, several key components that help recreate the era are a little unclear. We give the film 3 stars out of 5.

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