OMG 2 Day 9 Box Office Collection: Akshay Kumar, Yami Gautam, And Pankaj Tripathi’s Film Hits Century

"OMG 2 Storms the Box Office, Crossing Rs 100 Crore Milestone in Just Nine Days"

OMG 2 Day 9 Box Office Collection

The silver screen is ablaze with the resounding success of “OMG 2,” the eagerly anticipated sequel to the 2012 hit “Oh My God.” In a thrilling turn of events, the film has raced past the Rs 100 crore mark within nine days of its theatrical release. Helmed by director Amit Rai, this captivating cinematic venture showcases the powerhouse talents of Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, and Yami Gautam. Also read, OMG 2 Cast Salary.


OMG 2 Hits Century

The awe-inspiring “OMG 2” journey at the domestic box office is nothing remarkable. The film made an explosive entry, garnering a staggering Rs 10.26 crore on its opening day. Its first-week collection amounted to an impressive Rs 85.05 crore, captivating audiences nationwide. A monumental leap was witnessed on Saturday, with a net earning of Rs 10.53 crore, propelling the movie’s total domestic box office collection to a whopping Rs 101.61 crore.


Global Impact And Overseas Reception

Yami Gautam OMG 2 Trailer

The cinematic magic of “OMG 2” hasn’t been confined to Indian shores alone. The film has spread its wings globally, amassing an astonishing Rs 129 crore nett worldwide. So overseas, it has charmed the audience, accumulating Rs 21.5 crore nett in international territories.


Unveiling A Stirring Narrative

OMG 2 Akshay Kumar Teaser

The heart of “OMG 2” beats with a poignant narrative. Akshay Kumar embodies a messenger of Lord Shiva, while Pankaj Tripathi’s portrayal of a devoted follower adds depth to the storyline. Also, Yami Gautam, playing the role of a lawyer, brings her own brand of dynamism to the narrative. So the film tackles a sensitive yet vital issue—sex education—and raises awareness about the misinformation that prevails in society.


Akshay Kumar: A Creative Force

OMG 2 Akshay Pankaj Tripathi

The success of “OMG 2” owes much to Akshay Kumar’s unwavering dedication. Therefore not just an actor but a creative producer. Also, he actively contributed to the film’s making. From script narrations to improvising scenes, Kumar’s involvement has been instrumental in shaping the film’s final form. Thus his insightful advice even steered the depiction of sensitive scenes. He was so indicating a proactive approach to creative storytelling.


“OMG 2” Triumphs

OMG 2 Pankaj Tripathi

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, “OMG 2” showcases the potent combination of Akshay Kumar and an engaging storyline. With Pankaj Tripathi and Yami Gautam lending their remarkable talents to the mix, the film emerges as a sequel powerhouse. In the world of cinema, “OMG 2” has emerged as a resounding triumph. With its explosive box office collection, global impact, and a narrative that addresses crucial societal matters, the film has solidified its position as a must-watch blockbuster. Therefore the team behind the movie, including Akshay Kumar, Amit Rai, and the ensemble cast. Also, deserve every accolade for delivering a thought-provoking and exhilarating entertainment experience.

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