Parchhayee: This Is What We Think About The First Four Episodes?


Most of us like horror stories. Some people are so hardcore fans that they are always ready to watch horror content anytime anywhere. Watching horror during midnight with humming sound is what scare most of us. One of the famous names for horror stories is Ruskin Bond.

Parchayee Episode 3

He is an Indian author of British descent and is very famous for his novels and child literature. Ruskin Bond is best known for doing experiments with the genres. and “The Ghost Stories” is an outcome of that.

In an interview, Bond said,

“Whenever I run out of people to write about, I cook up a few ghosts or they appear before me.” In addition, he expressed his happiness to see his stories coming alive, “I am happy that my stories are coming alive for the first time on a digital platform and I look forward to watching them. I hope my readers will enjoy the series.”

Ruskin Bond’s ghost stories series is running on Zee5 and it titled as Parchhayee. The series will have dozen of stories written by Bond. Four episodes are already out and we can bet one thing for sure that all the episodes will make you stick to the edge of your seat.

Parchhayee Episode 3

Episode 1 The Ghost in the Garden: It is a story of Rose who keeps strolling in the garden, she loves to dance around and wander off in the woods. But why she is doing like this? What is her plan? Is she planning revenge by kidnapping the kids? This episode is must watch for all horror story lovers.


The Wind on the Haunted Hill: It is the second episode of the series, and it is the story of a 12-year-old girl Usha. Usha is stuck in heavy rain and is forced to take shelter in ruins. What will happen with her in ruins? Will she meet a ghostly figure? Trust us when we say this, you will want to hold your tears at the end of this episode. That’s how emotional it gets. The kids particularly killed it with their natural performances.

Both previous episodes, The Ghost in the Garden and The Wind on the Haunted Hill were amazing and that makes us excited about the upcoming ones.


Parchhayee Episode 3: This one The Overcoat stars Raima Sen, Sajjad Delafrooz, Saloni Batra and Anju Mahendroo. Aniruddha Roy Chowdhary directs this episode. The story of The Overcoat starts with Nick who is return from the UK and attends the Christmas party on a chilling cold night to meet his old friends. At the party, he meets Julie and decides to spend the evening with her. It starts to snow when decide to leave. Nick, being a gentleman, gives his overcoat to Julie and asks her to return the coat the very next morning. Will she return it? Will Nick ever see Julie back? In this episode, love is in the air and I am sure you will feel the essence of romance by the time the episode ends.


Parchhayee Episode 4: Wilson’s Bridge is our most favorite episode, Period. Wilson’s Bridge is not only infused with spooky elements but it will also make you go emotional by the end. The narrative of the episode revolves around five friends who try to solve the mystery behind why the ghost of a pahadi girl Gulabi who commits suicide every night?.

Would they be able to help her? Will the sole of Gulabi find peace? Parchhayee Episode 4 will answer all your questions.

Did you watch the episodes of Parchhayee? How did you like it? Let us know about your opinion in the comments below.

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