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Jhanak 11th January 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak 14th December Written Update

The Jhanak episode from today, January 11, 2024, begins with Jhanak telling Anirudh to worry about his wedding; he replies that someone needs to be taken care of. Anirudh begins lighting candles when the house has a power outage, and Jhanak assists him. Anirudh tells her he likes it when there are power outages because everything gets calmer, and they spend a moment together staring at one another and lighting the candles.

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Arshi Visits The Luthra Residence

Arshi Jhanak

Searching for Ani, Arshi goes to the Luthra residence and asks Badu Maa about him. She tells her that Anirudh is having dinner in his room and that she shouldn’t go into Ani’s room because Jhanak is still in there. She then offers a meal to Arshi.

When Apu says that Jhanak is also in the room with Anirudh, Arshi is about to leave. She is too shocked to speak, so she questions her about why she is in Ani’s bedroom, and Badu Maa says she regrets her choice.


Arshi Calls Jhanak A Maid

Apu Jhanak

Unaware of the circumstances, Jhanak is about to go when Anirudh stops her and invites her to stay and speak with him. When she declines to accept any lavish gifts, he begs her not to be upset with him for getting her one. However, Ani is adamant and assures her that there is no such thing as cheap or expensive gifts.

Arshi approaches her while walking on Anirudh while clutching the ring. When Arshi witnesses Anirudh holding a ring toward her, she becomes enraged and questions his actions. Jhanak then tells her a lie, saying that Ani brought the ring as a gift for her. Arshi, unable to bear the sight of her, urges her to go, saying Anirudh needs to ask the maid for advice regarding Anirudh, corrects Arshiy Anirudh to say that Jhanak is not the housemaid. Anirudh’s defense of her infuriates Arshi, who tells her it’s all a great misunderstanding.


The Couple Fights Over Jhanak


Jhanak informs Arshi that Anirudh bought the ring for her because he genuinely loves her and that they are meant to be together. She disappears into the bedroom, leaving Anirudh and Arshi alone. Arshi responds that he is busy that day when Ani inquires about the announcement celebration.

Given that Anirudh expresses his worries to Arshi, his plan is still regarding marriage to Arshi. After their disagreement, Jhanak enters the room again and brings them coffee as Arshi and Anirudh embrace each other. Once more, Arshi is furious with Jhanak for interfering in their lives, to which Jhanak responds that she has no desire to dissolve their union. Over Jhanak, the pair get into a furious fight.

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