Like Ghost Stories? Check Out The Spooky Teaser Of ZEE5's Parchayee!

Like Ghost Stories? Check Out The Spooky Teaser Of ZEE5’s Parchayee!

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Everyone loves horror stories. No matter how much it scares us or leaves us with a drying throat, we are always ready for another one. ZEE5 is bringing a web series, which will turn out to be a thrill ride for all of the horror story lovers. The series is titled as Parchayee and it is based on Ruskin Bond’s Ghost Stories. In a series of episodes, it will feature the 12 stories written by Bond. The teaser for the series has successfully trapped the attention of the audience. Here, we have brought you a brief overview of the teaser.


Teaser of Parchayee


The one-minute long teaser opens, with a scary location with even scarier background music. In the scene, a child was asking someone about the presence of ghosts. Admittedly, most of us had that sceptic nature about the supernatural during our childhood. Pursuing it further, there was a series of spine chilling scenes and we could see the terrified characters screaming.


The teaser encompasses very few dialogues but each time the characters speak, they introduced something spooky. To illustrate, one of the dialogues that struck fear in us is, “Bahut Si Cheezo Se Ladna Nahi Chahiye Par Darna Zaroor Chahiye”.


Twelve Spine Chilling Stories

Zee5 Parchayee

The loyal readers of Bond will find, it to be extremely interesting. If you are one of those who has not read some of his “Ghost Stories”, you will find it spine chilling for sure and whenever a story ends, you will crave for more. It is the best thing about the horror stories; they pump the adrenaline that keeps you excited to go further with another story. With the goosebump-inducing teaser, the series is sure to attract the attention of the web audience.


What Ruskin Bond Said About It

Zee5 Parchayee

Ruskin Bond who is an Indian author of British descent is quite popular for his child literature, novella, and novels. The hill station where he spent his childhood influences most of his work. Furthermore, he is best known for doing experiments with the genres. “The Ghost Stories” is a product of that. In an interview, Bond said, “Whenever I run out of people to write about, I cook up a few ghosts or they appear before me.” In addition, he expressed his happiness to see his stories coming alive, “I am happy that my stories are coming alive for the first time on a digital platform and I look forward to watching them. I hope my readers will enjoy the series.”

Parchayee will premiere on ZEE5, 15 January 2019 and we are quite excited for the thrill ride. What do you say? Are you excited for this new web series? Let us know in the comments.

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