Pathaan Movie World Television Premiere, WTP (On TV) Channel Name, Date And Time

Pathaan Trailer Review

Pathaan presents the riveting story of a patriotic Indian son who puts his country ahead of his selfish interests. This entertaining film marks Shah Rukh Khan‘s return to the action genre, offering him thrilling new components and heightened grandeur. Following a brief absence, SRK delivers an outstanding performance within the vast and larger-than-life domain of the Yash Raj banner’s growing spy universe. The film expertly blends real-world aspects together, driving them with a thrilling energy akin to escape velocity.


Pathan Movie Television Premiere

Pathan TV Premiere on TV (1)

Pathaan has completed its theatrical run and surpassed the 1050 crore mark in worldwide box office revenues. Pathaan is now the fifth highest-grossing Indian film of all time, thanks to this significant milestone. It also tops the exclusive Hindi 100 crore club list, demonstrating its incredible achievement in attaining the coveted 100 crore mark locally. The film’s outstanding box office performance cements its status as a blockbuster and underlines its enormous popularity among audiences.


Guinness World Record To Celebrate The World TV Premiere Of Pathaan

Furthermore, Pathaan has amassed an incredible global box office collection, gaining a whopping 1052.85 crores. According to the producer, the picture grossed a remarkable 658.65 crores in India. The film’s success expanded beyond the country’s boundaries, with the global market playing a crucial role in its success. According to the producer, the overseas total was 394.2 crores, which translates to around $47.88 million in international revenue. Moreover, Pathaan’s great popularity and commercial success on a global scale are reaffirmed by its unprecedented worldwide box office collection.


Pathaan Movie On TV Star Gold

pathan Movie TV Premiere

The most anticipated Pathaan tv premiere is out. It revealed that on 18th June 2023, Pathaan would be aired on television for the first time on Star Gold. Therefore, fans are looking forward to the day when they can watch the film’s intriguing storyline and spectacular performances from their favorite stars in the comfort of their homes.


Pathaan OTT Release Date

Shah Rukh Pathaan Trailer

Following its phenomenal box office performance, Pathaan is now prepared to enter the digital sphere. Despite its excellent theatrical run, Siddharth Anand’s film is released on an OTT platform. This announcement has sparked a frenzy among fans eagerly awaiting the opportunity to see Pathaan in digital form. The decision to release the film on OTT expands its reach and allows people to enjoy the theatrical experience from the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, on 22nd March 2023, Pathaan was out on Amazon Prime.

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