Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam: Radha Mohan 20th June 2023 Written Update And Episode

Radha Mohan 20th June 2023 Written Update

Mohan, a lovely flute performer in modern-day Vrindavan, loses his spark after a tragedy. His boyhood admirer Radha makes the choice to remind him of his real love, Lord Krishna. Read on to know what happens in today’s episode of Pyaar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan.


Radha Mohan Today’s Episode: Damini’s Claims

Radha Mohan june 20, 2023

The 20th June 2023 episode of Radha Mohan opens with Kaveri grabbing Damini by the shoulders and warning her that what she’s doing is very wrong. Damini claims that she has endured a great deal of suffering due to Mohan’s lack of affection while ignoring Kaveri’s comments and gazing into the wall. But now is the right moment for him to pay for his mistake in favoring Tulsi above her and Radha.


Kaveri Alerts Damini

Suddenly, Kaveri feels Tulsi’s presence and makes an effort to alert Damini. Damini ignores even as the idea of getting even with Mohan for his lack of attention for her all these years fills her mind.


Radha Tries To Pacify Mohan

Radha Mohan

While Radha is in her room, Mohan asks her whether she is lying about Kaveri not shouting at her. In an effort to calm him down, Radha assures him that she is telling the truth and inquires about his awakening. Mohan drags Radha into the bed with him and laments that he has been far away from her and that he doesn’t want to be any longer.


How Will The Story Of Radha Mohan Move Further?

Radha Mohan zee Tv

The next episode will open with Radha and Mohan gazing lovingly and tenderly into one other’s closed eyes. When everyone is sound sleeping at the Trivedi home, Damini and Kaveri make the decision to go to the workplace. They arrive at the workplace and approach the main cabin gently while holding a torch in their hands. They both wear dark coats to conceal themselves. As they observe the core of the hardwood floor, which has a pattern etched into it, Damini warns Kaveri that this proof should not get into the hands of anybody, especially Radha.

As they both begin hitting on it with an axe to crack it open, Tulsi suddenly cries and screams in agony as she feels excruciating pain in her head. The two-and-a-half feet Chudail (referring to Radha) should not get her hands here; she screams in pain as Kaveri and Damini continue working. Damini smiles as they both begin to dig they notice a skeleton underneath the floor.

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