Here Is Everything About Riva Arora And The Controversies Surrounding Her

Riva Arora Controversies

Indian child model, actor, and social media influencer Riva Arora is well-known. Within a short time, this young actress’s huge fan base grew. Additionally, she began her career in the entertainment industry at the age of just one year old. She has experience working for modeling agencies and other commercial advertisements in addition to movies. Riva has also collaborated with several well-known figures, like Sridevi, Ranbir Kapoor, Bonney Kapoor, and others.

Moreover, she runs a YouTube channel. She gained fame for her crying scene in the 2019 film URI and for playing the young Gunjan in the 2020 film Gunjan Saxena. Her abrupt shift in looks and her age-inappropriate roles have stirred up debate among online users. All of the controversy surrounding the aspiring actress is covered in this article.


Personal Life Of Riva Arora


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On February 1st, 2010, Riva Arora was born. She is 12 years old right now. She was raised in New Delhi, where she was born. Since she was young, Riva has keenly interested in the entertainment sector. Her biggest supporter is Nisha Arora, her mother. When she was just a child, the child actress’s father passed away as a result of a leg infection. She is currently pursuing her education at a Mumbai school with a great reputation. She nevertheless prioritizes her acting career in addition to her schooling.


More About Riva’s Career As Child Actress

Child Actor Riva Arora Controversies

It wouldn’t be unfair to suggest that Riva was destined for an entertainment career. With the Ranbir Kapoor-starring film Rockstar, she made her acting debut. She was in this movie when she was only one and a half years old. She enjoys modeling and has done work for various well-known companies like Flipkart and LG.


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Due to her participation in co-curricular activities at school, Riva also received the title of “Miss Mother’s Pride.” She has additionally appeared in short films like Rakshak and Naina. Her well-known Bollywood films include Section 375, URI, Gunjan Saxena, Mom, and a few others. In addition to this, she has appeared in several web series, including TVF Tripling and Bandish Bandits. Moreover, Riva also appeared in several music videos as well.

Riva Arora – Karan Kundrra Instagram Reel

Karan Kundrra Riva Arora

Since appearing in a video with influencer and actress Riva Arora, Karan Kundrra has been criticized online. After spotting Riva in a romantic video with two older men, internet users started a controversy on Twitter. The reel is currently deleted; however, it is still accessible on fan pages. While a different man in the video poses as Riva’s lover, Riva gets together with Karan. In the reel, she is having an affair with Kundrra’s character. In the scene, she is talking to Kundrra’s character while also messaging her boyfriend’s character. The scene then changes to her enjoying drinks at a bar with the latter.

The reel with Riva was a promotional video for Karan Kundrra’s new music video, Akhiyan. She was previously in music videos where she was dancing with Mika Singh, a 45-year-old man.


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Social media users are not happy with Mika Singh and Karan Kundrra for romancing the young actress. On numerous social media sites, the video quickly gained popularity.


Netizens React To Riva’s Sexualization


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Internet users said that Riva should not upload videos of herself with older men. Some others even accused Riva’s parents of allowing her to pose for such a video controversy.

The Reel’s romantic theme and the fact that a child was performing it with people of grown age did not go over well. Riva Arora’s sexualization sparked outrage online among users. Internet users have also claimed that her parents gave her synthetic growth hormone injections to give her a more mature look.

The social media sensation Riva Arora has around 8.5 million Instagram followers. Additionally, her mother manages her Instagram account.

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