Watch Video: When Sajid Khan Opened Up About Split With Gauahar Khan: ‘Mera Character Dheela Tha’

Sajid Khan's old footage is going viral

Sajid Khan Viral Video Gauahar Khan Split

Ever since Sajid Khan made it to the Bigg Boss 16 house, he has made numerous headlines. However, it is safe to say that the headlines are not in his favor. In another episode of Sajid Khan’s controversies, we are going to talk about his split with a well-known personality from the entertainment world. Yes, we are going to talk about his split with Gauahar Khan. Although the interview is old, the video of him opening up about the split is going viral now. The viral video on Reddit has left netizens to criticize him even more.


Sajid Khan On Break Up With Gauahar Khan

Gauahar Khan Sajid Khan

We all know under the #MeToo movement, Sajid Khan has been accused of plenty of cases of sexual harassment. Several actresses accused Sajid and shared their traumatic casting couch experience. This has made people despise him. Now, with the newest viral video, he is receiving more hate.

The tale of him talking about the split with Gauahar Khan goes back to 2018. It all started when Sajid Khan went on Kiran Juneja’s show, “Koshish Se Kaamyaabi Tak.” In the old footage of the show, Kiran Juneja is seen asking him a question pertaining to his relationship rupture with actress Gauahar Khan. Sajid Khan responded in his classic way and said, as we quote,

“Uss waqt mera character bohot dheela tha. Mai uss waqt ladkiyon ke sath bhaar ghoom raha tha aur bohot jhoot bol raha tha. Maine aise koi badtameezi nahin ki but har ladki ko, ‘I love you, will you marry me’ bolta tha.”

(At that time, I had a dirty character. I used to go out with girls and lie to them. Although I never behaved badly with anyone, I used to propose to every girl.)

Furthermore, Sajid also jokingly added that he should have been married over 350 times by now. He went on to blabber so much that he even said all the women of his past life must be missing him and cursing him simultaneously. In the same video, he additionally said the “I love you phase” in his relationships was selfish. He implied that it is friendship that is a prerequisite for all relationships to actually work. In addition, he gave an example saying that arranged marriages still work out in India as the two individuals focus on making a bond of friendship first. He said, “Pure love stories are full of ups and downs. However, it also depends on individuals.


He Compared Marriages To Merger Of Companies

Sajid Khan Bigg Boss Salary

In the same viral video, Sajid compared marriages to a merger of companies, trying to highlight how in a relationship, it is men who have to compromise more than women. He talks about how women in today’s world do not take nonsense at all.

“Today, there’s a lot of awareness about women, which I am very happy about because I have been with a working mom and sister,” he added. Here is the video.

However, how he talked about it did not look like he was glad about it, and netizens strongly believed so. Many Reddit users put forth their views about Sajid Khan’s wording. On Reddit user wrote,

“This man is literal filth. He knew what women had to face because, according to him, he came from a home that has a working mother and sister, and he still went ahead and took advantage of vulnerable women who were struggling is so appalling. Also, the sheer audacity to star in Bigg Boss and try to clear his name after #metoo proves how entitled he thinks he is. It’s disgusting.”

For all the right reasons, Sajid Khan’s image is degrading daily. As much as people are criticizing Sajid Khan, people are also criticizing the Bigg Boss franchise for giving him the platform to clear his name. Even though he stepped down as the director of Housefull 4 in the name of “moral responsibility,” the deeds he did can never be forgiven.

What are your views about it Sajid Khan’s appalling nature and deeds? Do tell us in the comments below.

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