Salman Khan Strong Message To The People Who Are Violating Lockdown Rules

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India has extended the lockdown till May 3 due to coronavirus pandemic. This Lockdown 2.0 was very necessary to overcome this situation. But there are many people who are not understanding the importance of lockdown and are not cooperating with the government. The news is coming from various parts of the country that people are violating lockdown rules. People are not cooperating with the doctors and the health workers and are pelting stones on the lifesavers. This is really disappointing as doctors who are risking their lives to save the people. Those people only not cooperating. Many Bollywood celebrities reacted angrily to these kinds of acts and situations. Most of the Bollywood celebrities got stuck in other places and are unable to go home. But they are with the government on this. Recently, Salman Khan who got stuck in his Panvel farmhouse shared a video message and bashes all those people who are violating lockdown rules and behaving inhumanly with the polices and the doctors.

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Salman Khan has addressed various issues that are happening in the country like coronavirus suspects running away, doctors and nurses pelted by stones, and people unnecessarily coming out on roads and then getting beaten up by police officials. He insisted all the people, do all the religious activities at their homes and do not gather outside. In close to 10 minutes video, Salman Khan tried to make people understand what wrong they are doing and what they should not do. He added that since childhood we have learned that God is within us. But still, if you want to go to God’s home then go. Everyone who came will die one day. But does anyone wants to die?

Salman Khan Video Lockdown Rules

Salman Khan angrily told to the people who are violating lockdown that, do you want to reduce the population of India? But it will start with your own family. He said, because of some jokers, the cases of coronavirus increased. Check out the video below:


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Salman Khan is also helping 25000 daily wage workers from the film industry during the lockdown. India has more than 12000 cases of coronavirus to date. We request everyone to stay safe and take precautions from coronavirus.

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