What Is Satta Matka? Everything You Need To Know About It

Satta Matkavia

Satta Matka gambling is one of the oldest and most famous lottery games in India. It existed in the Indian culture long before independence. People love playing the Satta Matka game for fun, entertainment, and earning some extra cash. In the early days, the game was placed on the chits of paper in which some numbers used to be written. Then, these chits were placed in a pot; hence the name Matka was attached to the game. Then, a random person would be asked to take out the chit from the pot, and the winner would be the one whose name will appear on the chit. This is how the game used to be played in the late century.

As the game started becoming famous, there were many new variants to the game. The people used to gather at one place and bet on different random numbers. These bets were either of the small amounts, or some people would spend their fortunes on it. When the game started impacting adversely on the people, it was banned in India. If the police used to catch anyone playing the game, it would imprison them.

They also prohibited the gaming centers and did not allow reopening them. However, with the evolution of the internet, the game that got banned in India could now be played very quickly on different online gaming platforms. So the old punters and the new ones all joined together in their favorite game. The people were delighted to have their most loved fun back on a different platform and in another way. There are numerous websites and applications which allow punters to play the Satta Matka game online from the comfort of their homes.


Satta Matka Lottery

Satta Matka

When the subcontinent got independence, the Matka game used to be called Ankada Jugar. Over time, it evolved into a completely different version, but the name is still intact. There are many forms of the game that are played differently in other regions. Today, the Satta Matka lottery is played based on choosing random numbers and betting on those numbers. Once the bet is placed, a draw takes place to decide on the winner.


Origin Of Satta Matka

The Satta Matka game dates back to the 1950s in India. It was when people used to place bets on open and close rates of the Cotton Exchange of Bombay with the help of tickets. However, by the 1960s, the Cotton Exchange of New York banned the practice as many discrepancies started occurring within the system due to betting. However, this did not stop the punters from placing bets, so they kept looking for new ways to keep the Matka tradition alive.

Soon after, the Satta Matka game evolved into pieces of paper that allowed placing the bets on random numbers. For example, the paper chits would have 0-9 digits, and the bettor would be asked to choose the number and put it in a pot. The chits would then be picked up randomly, and the numbers would be matched, and in this way, a winner would be declared.

With online gaming, the games started changing, and the online Satta Matka game has been entirely transformed by now. After the ban of the gaming centers, this proved to be an excellent opportunity for the Matka lovers as the people could now bet from any part of the world. Many websites allow bettors to place different types of bets online and enjoy the games online. All you have to do is find the right website, make a deposit, choose the best and follow the instructions to place the bets. In case you win the bet, your payments will be processed immediately.


Is Gambling Is Illegal In India?

In India, since the British rule, gambling has been illegal, and there are still no chances of it becoming legal in the country. The Public Act of 1867 Act of Public by the Indian Parliament passed a bill that marked that gambling will not be permitted in India ever. In India, the only legal betting forms are racing horses and lotteries. However, some states have completely different laws for gambling, such as Goa, which has legal casinos.

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