Shilpa Shinde Comes In Support Of Kapil Sharma, Check What She Said

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Kapil Sharma keeps appearing under the news radar, while sometimes it is due to his ill-health and shoot cancellations. While other times, it is because his comeback show, Family Time With Kapil Sharma managed to scrape through the top 10 in the TRP list. And Shilpa Shinde comes up to help Kapil.


However, this time around, Kapil has raised eyeballs to post his series of abusive tweets where he not only posted against a media agency and a reporter of the agency, but in fact, also had negative words to say about media in general.


And, while he is proud of what he has done, he has also filed a case against the agency as well as Preeti and Neeti Simoes; and now he has received support from the industry in the form of Bigg Boss Season 11 winner, Shilpa Shinde.

Shilpa Shinde

Shilpa took to Twitter as she posted a message for the media. A few other TV artists took it to twitter as well to support him and understand his ‘bad situation’. In fact, she also drew out instances of having of the media where they mislead the viewers. And click bait readers through headlines by mentioning her name.

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Here’s What Shilpa Tweeted

We thank Shilpa for helping Kapil out. When a co-star from the same platform is in distress, voicing out for them can not make much of a difference but it surely means a lot to them personally because, at times like this, the media is very keen on ripping as much as news possible and they cause so much damage to the person, their personal life, and their family. She not only shows generosity but also supports him. Hope that Kapil gets away with all the controversies. Kapil made a comeback after many issues with his previous shows also but unfortunately, his new show won’t be telecasted either. Here’s the reason why.

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