Shiv Shakti Today’s Episode 5th July 2023 Written Updates: Kirtan Yells At Shakti

Shiv Shakti 5th July 2023 Written Updates

Shiv Shakti captivates the viewer’s attention through its enthralling narrative. Today’s intriguing episode abounds drama. Shiv, in today’s episode, gets his trauma triggered. Things get complicated for Shakti. What happens? Read on to know what happens today.

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Shiv Shakti Today’s Episode: Shiv And Shakti’s Encounter

Shiv Shakti Arjun Bijlani

The 5th July 2023 episode of Pyaar Ka Pehla Adhyaya Shiv Shakti begins with the Kalash falling from Shakti in astonishment. Shakti loses her footing when Shiv raises his head from the water, but Shiv grabs her hand. He pulls her back before she falls into the water. Shakti hastily removes her hand from Shiv’s hold.


Shiv’s Trauma Is Triggered

She begs him to return the Kalash because she has to give the child some water to safeguard his life. She says that the child consumed a coin, to which Shiv responds that water is now dangerous to the child since it might clog his windpipe. He even tells Shakti that they must execute a rapid operation in which they cut the child’s neck in order for the child to breathe. Upon hearing this, Shakti quickly realizes Shiv is a doctor, which is why she brings Shiv to the boy in the hopes that he can rescue him. When Shiv appears in front of the child, the child’s struggle awakens his trauma, and he becomes stuck on the spot. His hands shake uncontrollably as Shakti begs him to do something, but he suddenly disappears.


Kirtan Yells At Shakti

Shiv Shakti ZEE5

Meanwhile, Kirtan takes someone’s bike in the colony as he realizes he must attend to the person in need at any cost. When he reaches the riverbank, he is taken aback to see the child trying to breathe. Shakti adds that because the child swallowed a coin, they need to cut his neck so he can breathe, but Kirtan is unaware of how to do simple procedures. Instead of trying to get out of this predicament, Kirtan begins ranting at Shakti for teaching him how to do his work.


Shakti To Perform The Procedure

As soon as she slits the boy’s neck, blood pours out of him, smearing Shakti’s fingers in blood, and everyone breathes a sigh of relief since the youngster is now living.

Everyone becomes concerned again as the child loses consciousness, and Kirtan tells Shakti that if anything occurs to the child, he will take her to the police station.


Manorama’s Claims

In the meantime, Padma and Mandira are seated in their car when Padma receives a notice about a viral Banaras video, which disturbs her since it appears in the video that Kirtan is the person who is cutting the kid’s neck, and Mandira becomes bright red in rage.

On the contrary, Manorama begins crying as soon as Rimjhim informs everyone in Shakti’s family of what occurred. Manorama predicts that at this point, Shakti’s face will be published with her photo under the headline “priest’s niece turns out to be a killer.” She states that when Shakti passed the neet test, no financial institution was waiting outside their door. But today, every news station forms a line outside their door to receive news.


Manorama Scolds Shakti

Simultaneously, Rimjhim’s brother asks them to see Shakti in the hospital first, prompting the priest to remark that the dumb brain can also converse smartly. Manorama begins reproaching Shakti when the entire family reaches the hospital, generating unneeded difficulty. Manorama’s blood pressure increases even further when Shakti tells her about her dispute with Mandira.


Mandira To Take Revenge On Shakti

Shiv Shakti Nikki Sharma

Meanwhile, Mandira informs Kirtan that he just has an MBBS degree, not knowledge. She tells him that she made him a doctor so she may take over this hospital from Shiv. Kirtan then shows Mandira Shakti’s face, indicating that she, not him, tried this. Mandira smirks, feeling she can now exact revenge on Shakti.

What do you anticipate taking place next? Do not miss today’s program if you want the answers to the questions. Stay tuned!

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