After A Struggle Of Several Months, Amit Tandon Got His Wife Ruby Out Of Dubai Prison

She Was In The Prison For 10 Months

Amit Tandon And Ruby Tandonvia

The actor Amit Tandon was going through a tough time as his wife, Ruby Tandon was imprisoned in Dubai. Well, finally he can rest easier as, after 10 months of imprisonment, his wife has been released. He and his 10-year-old daughter Jinaya were at Ruby’s side when she was released.


Ruby Tandon Threatened Dubai Health Authorities

Amit Tandon And Ruby Tandon

Ruby is a Ruby Tandon who is from Vancouver, Canada and is currently a Mumbai based dermatologist. She threatened Dubai Health Authorities. So, charges were pressed against her and she was imprisoned back in July 2017. According to a report by NDTV, “Ruby Tandon was arrested for threatening government officials during her work trip to Dubai. Ruby Tandon is a cosmetologist and owns Afterglow Advanced Laser Centre in Mumbai. Members of the Dubai Health Authority had alleged that Ruby Tandon had threatened some officers after which she was arrested. Her bail request was also rejected.”


Ruby And Amit  Tandon Are Separated

Amit Tandon And Ruby Tandon

In the same month, Ruby and Amit had filed for the divorce. Despite being separated from his wife, Amit was trying his best to get her out of the prison. In an interview, Amit Said,  “Some very influential people… levied false accusations against her… We still hold faith that the judicial authorities will realize that she is 100 percent innocent and let her come back to her work and most importantly to her daughter who misses her every day.” Finally, he can take the sigh of relief.


Mouni Roy Was Taking Care Of Their Daughter

Amit Tandon And Ruby Tandon

According to the reports, Ruby’s best friend Mouni Roy was taking care of Ruby’s daughter Jiyana. Ruby is also Amit’s sister. Moreover, it is also believed that Mouni had flown to Dubai just to meet her best friend Ruby.

We are glad to know that the tough phase is finally over for Amit Tandon and Ruby Tandon. We wish them best in their life. What do you think about it? Share in the comments.

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