Starfish Movie Review: Khushali Kumar Steals The Show In This Romantic Drama

Starfish Movie Review

Akhilesh Jaiswal is the writer and director of the Hindi romantic drama film Starfish. It is based on the best-selling book Starfish Pickle by Bina Nayak. Meanwhile, Khushali Kumar and Milind Soman play key roles in the film. In supporting roles are Tusharr Khanna, Ehan Bhat, and others. Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar produced it under the banners of Almighty Motion Picture and T-Series.


Starfish Movie Story

Starfish Plot

The narrative orbits around Tara, a diver residing in Malta with her family. She is stuck in the pain of her past, which triggers panic attacks and immense mental strain. Meanwhile, a chance encounter introduces Aman into her life, initiating a romantic chapter tainted by conflict. Yet, fate intervenes, leading Tara to Neil, sparking a new love story. Caught within her complex romantic escapades, Tara grapples with her turbulent love life.

Starfish Khushali Kumar

However, she is also still facing the haunting specter of past trauma, notably involving her mother. This haunting history fuels Tara’s relentless pursuit of truth, shaping the trajectory of her existence. As the tale unfolds, the focal point becomes Tara’s navigating life’s complexities, revealing her resilience and determination in the face of emotional upheaval. It also unearths the enigmatic layers of her past.


Starfish Movie Review

Starfish Cast

This riveting romantic saga plunges audiences into a profound world of emotions. It navigates the turbulent aspects of grief, trauma, love, and self-discovery. Meanwhile, one of its standout features is the film’s cinematography. It emerges as a breathtaking canvas woven with the mesmerizing view of Malta. From the beautiful sea to aerial vistas of the city, streets, and the boundless expanse of the ocean, each frame is just perfect. It also creates a visual marvel that attracts the viewers.

Adding another layer of allure, the musical composition seamlessly harmonizes with the storytelling. It enhances the film’s appeal and complements the narrative’s emotional resonance. Furthermore, Khushali Kumar’s portrayal of Tara is a testament to her profound emotive prowess. Meanwhile, Milind Soman’s fleeting yet captivating presence illuminates the screen. Ehan Bhat and Tushar Khanna infuse charisma into their respective roles, contributing commendable performances that bolster the film’s overall impact.

However, the film’s crowning achievement lies in its astonishing conclusion. It leaves the audience spellbound as they yearn for more. The director’s skill is evident, hinting at the potential for a compelling sequel. Moreover, Akhilesh Jaiswal’s adept direction vividly captures Tara’s raw anguish and the visceral nature of her panic attacks. However, love stories occasionally lack the depth you might look for. Additionally, intermittent issues with scene continuity somewhat detract from the otherwise immersive experience.


Final Verdict

Starfish Ehan Bhat

Deeply exploring the ocean of secrets, sadness, and love, Starfish maintains the suspense till the very end. However, it also gives you space for imagination and ambiguity. Despite its drawbacks, it’s a worthwhile watch because it features excellent performances and beautifully shot portions. We give the film a 3.5 stars out of 5.

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