These Television Actors Said No To Bikini and Intimate Scenes On Screen

Television Actors No To Bikini Intimate Scenesvia

5. Jannat Zubair

Jannat Zubair

The 16-year-old actress was cast in the show Tu Aashiqui, in the character of Pankti. She denied doing an intimate scene with her co-actor Ritvik Arora. Even, her mom also slammed makers who allegedly put pressure on Jannat for doing the kissing scene.


6. Sweta Bhattacharya

Sweta Bhattacharya

Sweta Bhattacharya who plays the lead in ‘Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki’ declined to do intimate scenes with her co-star Vishal Vashishtha. A night scene was planned by the makers and she refused to do it without hesitation. She cleared that she mentioned in her contract that she will not do any intimate scene and will not wear any short clothes.


7. Hiba Nawab

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Hiba Nawab is known for the role of Elaichi and CP in the serial Jijaji Chhat Par Koi Hai. In an interview with ETimes, the actress said that she doesn’t want to oppose her culture. Hiba said,

“I belong to a Muslim family and we have a different culture. I am actually opposing the culture a lot and I don’t want to push it even further. This is my decision along with my family’s. Even right now at times they are not okay with me dressing in a certain way and want me to dress up differently. But I have been a little rebellious and don’t want to hurt their sentiments further. They are very understanding and supportive. But I don’t want to wear a bikini, show cleavage and all. That’s my decision and not any conflict.”


8. Mitaali Nag

Mitaali Nag

Mitaali Nag who plays the protagonist in the serial ‘Roop’ said that she feels uncomfortable doing intimate scenes. In an interview, she cleared, ‘I won’t wear a bikini or do any bold scene’. She cleared that sensuality and sexuality are not defined by the clothes you wear. It is about the personality and the way you carry yourself.

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