Titu Ambani Review: Tushar Pandey And Deepika Singh Shine In This Graceful Film With A Powerful Message

Titu Ambani Review

This weekend, the audience has multiple options to choose from, Thor: Love And Thunder, Khuda Haafiz Chapter II Agni Pariksha, and Titu Ambani. All three have different genres. However, one film that will gain praise from the audience is Titu Ambani. Remember ‘Mummy’ from Chhichhore and ‘Sandhya’ from Diya Aur Baati Hum? The duo is coming together in the film Titu Ambani. Yes, there is no such big hype for this compared to the other two. But the film will surely get positive word of mouth. Directed by Rohit Raj Goyal, Titu Ambani is a graceful film with a powerful message.


Titu Ambani Story

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The story revolves around Titu Shukla, played by Tushar Pandey. He is an ambitious young man who wants to do his own business. He wants to become successful in a short period of time. Titu tries his luck in the catering business but fails. Titu cannot pay his credit card bills; still, he dreams with open eyes. His parents feel that marrying him will make Titu responsible. He has a girlfriend, Mosmi, played by Deepika Singh. She is a single child of her parents. Mosmi has a settled government job, and she lives life on her terms. The duo gets married. Being a single child, Mosmi wants to take care of her parents financially. She is a daughter who can also be a son like Sharavan Kumar for her parents.

Titu wants to take a loan in Mosmi’s name, but she denies it. This led to misunderstandings between the two. Mosmi leaves the house after a heated argument. The situation becomes more fragile when Titu tries a new business that leads him into more trouble. What follows next is how a person defines their priorities with a beautiful message.


Titu Ambani Review

Tushar Pandey Titu Ambani
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Rohit Raj Goyal has written the story and screenplay for the film. He has also directed it. Rohit Raj Goyal has done decent work with Titu Ambani. His storytelling is simply amazing. He is the real-life husband of Deepika Singh. The way he has brought life to all the characters is top-notch. The story is a perfect mixture of romance, emotions, and principles. Talking about the performances, Tushar Pandey delivers a brilliant performance. He has shown various shades of acting in his short career. Deepika Singh performed exceptionally well on her Bollywood debut.

Titu Ambani Deepika Singh
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Not only Tushar and Deepika but also other character actors were outstanding. Veteran actors Raghubir Yadav, Virender Sharma, and Brijender Kalia have proved once again why they are rated so high as actors. They have played their characters with utmost ease. Even Sapna Sand and Samta Sagar did justice with their characters. The songs are forgettable and will not stay with you after the film. In the second half, there is a time when the film feels stretched, but it quickly gathers momentum. There are dialogues that will make you laugh and also make you emotional. The powerful message, in the end, has been delivered beautifully.


Final Verdict

Titu Ambani Tushar Deepika
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Overall, Titu Ambani is a complete family drama that highlights important issues in society with impressive performances and a graceful message. Take the learning from the film and try to implement it in life. We give Titu Ambani 3.5 stars out of 5.

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