Twinkle Khanna Shared The Story Of Her First Period, She Ran To Her Room And Changed Clothes

She Said, The Girls Should Not Feel Ashamed Of Periods

Twinkle Khannavia

People have mixed reactions to the menstrual cycle of women. Some of the women feel shy about them and try to keep them secret. While there are others who think that they should not be ashamed of this. This is completely natural. Twinkle Khanna, a renowned blogger, film producer and interior designer is one of the most successful women in India. She is also the producer of the film “Padman” which is about the sanitation.


Twinkle Khanna Recalled Her First Period Story

Twinkle Khanna

During an interview, she recalled the story of her first period. She said,” I was in the boarding school and there was no one to inform me about the periods. One day while I was in the canteen, I witnessed some stains in my uniform. I discovered that I was having periods. Without wasting time, I ran to my room and changed the clothes. I considered myself lucky as no one saw those stains.”


Another Story Regarding The Same Issue

Twinkle Khanna

She told another story regarding periods. She said, “in the previous year, a teacher asked a 12-year-old student to leave the class. Her only fault was that she was having periods and due to that her uniform and her seat were covered with stains. The 12-year-old left the class, went to her home, jumped out of the balcony and committed suicide.”


Watching “Padman” Will Help The Women

Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna also said that it is natural and the girls should not feel ashamed of it. She also said,”After watching the movie “Padman” the girls will not feel ashamed of periods”. Padman is based on a real-life story which is about Arunachalam Muruganantham who invented the low-cost sanitary pads.

You can check her full interview here

Just like most of the girls, Twinkle was also ashamed of the menstrual cycle in the beginning but as she grew older she realized that there is no shame in it. We are thankful to Twinkle as she recalled her story and took a step further to raise confidence in women. Agree? Share your thoughts.

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