Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 3rd July 2023 Written Updates: Harleen Is Adamant

Udaariyaan 3rd July 2023

Intriguing surprises and shocks will be revealed in today’s program. The Udaariyaan program airing today, July 3, 2023, will address your questions from earlier episodes. The program is anticipated to reveal who abducted Nehmat’s child four years prior. Prepare yourself for the captivating update. To learn more about today’s exciting episode, keep reading. Happy Reading

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Udaariyaan Today’s Episode: Harleen’s Dirty Move

Udaariyaan Latest Episode
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In today’s episode of Udaariyaan, July 3, 2023, Harleen learns that Nehmat and Ekam have a child together and that the kid has arrived in the world. Harleen becomes enraged when she realizes this. She insists that Ekam should not be aware of this truth. Harleen also notifies her mother, Jasleen, about Nehmat and Ekam’s kid. When Jasleen hears this, she is appalled and vows never to let Ekam and Nehmat meet. Harleen and Jasleen are adamant about not allowing Nehmat to meet her kid and not informing Ekam that Aliya is his and Nehmat’s daughter.


Jasleen To Support Harleen

Udaariyaan Latest Episode
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Harleen inquires with the doctor about becoming a mother. The doctor orders Harleen to undergo various tests, but all of them fail. She then takes in Aliya and convinces everyone that Aliya is Ekam and her daughter. Jasleen, Harleen is supported in this by her mother, Jasleen. Jasleen approaches the doctor and requests that she terrify Nehmat and lie to her. The doctor informs Nehmat that her child has little time left, and her child’s situation isn’t great. Jasleen takes Nehmat’s child and gives it to Harleen in this manner.


Aliya Meets Nehmat

Udaariyaan New Episode
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However, Nehmat meets Aliya at a summer camp. They both discover that they have the identical mark on their wrists. What will happen next?


What Will Happen Next In Udaariyaan?

Udaariyaan Written Updates
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The future Udaariyaan episodes will reveal intriguing scenarios. Will Nehmat get to know that Aliya is her child? Will Ekam and Nemat realize about their child, Aliya? Whatever happens further in the story, one thing is assured, the drama.

What do you anticipate taking place next? Do not miss today’s program if you want the answers to the questions. Remain tuned!

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