Who Is Bhoomika Vasishth? MTV Roadies 19 Contestant Talks About Her Leaked Private Videos

MTV Roadies Season 19: Former Splitsvilla Contestant Bhoomika Vasishth Opens Up About Her Turbulent Journey

Bhoomika Vasishth MTV Roadies 19 Contestant

MTV Roadies, the iconic reality show, has returned with its 19th season—captivating audiences with its new gang leaders and more demanding challenges. But, in a shocking twist, former MTV Splitsvilla Season 13 contestant Bhoomika Vasishth recently auditioned for Roadies. And it revealed a dark phase in her life, shedding light on personal struggles that affected her mental well-being.


A Struggle In The Spotlight

Bhoomika Vasishth Roadies

Bhoomika Vasishth, known for her appearance on Splitsvilla, unveiled her hardships after her private videos were leaked online. In a candid conversation during her Roadies audition, Bhoomika disclosed that she had resorted to recording intimate videos to meet her loan repayments and maintain her celebrity lifestyle due to financial pressures. But unfortunately, these videos were not intended for public viewing and were leaked, subjecting her to harsh judgment and immense scrutiny.


Overcoming Adversity

During the auditions, Bhoomika expressed her desire for a fresh start and saw Roadies as the perfect platform to embark on a new journey. She shared her struggle with depression, highlighting the emotional toll the leaked videos had taken on her. The revelation left gang leader Rhea Chakraborty deeply moved, offering her support and a comforting hug. Another gang leader, Prince Narula, encouraged Bhoomika to share her story earlier, emphasizing its potential to inspire and resonate with young individuals facing similar challenges.


Sonu Sood’s Return And Battle Of Gang Leaders

Bhoomika Vasishth

MTV Roadies Season 19 boasts the return of host Sonu Sood, who promises a tougher season compared to the previous one. The concept of gang leaders is back, with Rhea Chakraborty, Prince Narula, and Gautam Gulati taking charge. The audition phase, hosted by ex-Roadies winner Hamid Barkzi, saw contestants bidding for their preferred gang leader, creating a competitive atmosphere amongst the leaders themselves. As MTV Roadies Season 19 unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate the riveting challenges and captivating stories that will emerge. Bhoomika Vasishth’s courageous disclosure serves as a reminder that the road to success is often paved with obstacles and personal growth. Her decision to share her experience on a public platform like Roadies showcases her resilience and determination to start afresh, inspiring others in similar circumstances.

MTV Roadies Season 19 has commenced with a bang. Thus introducing new gang leaders and promising an exhilarating journey for participants and viewers alike. Bhoomika Vasishth’s shocking revelations about her leaked private videos shed light on the darker side of fame and the challenges contestants face beyond the glitz and glamor. As the season progresses, we can expect more thrilling moments and personal stories that will captivate audiences. Therefore reinforce the enduring popularity of this groundbreaking reality show.

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