AB LLB Review: This Web Series Is A Funny Crime Drama That Focuses On MeToo Events

AB LLB Review

AB LLB Iski To Degree He Ulti Hai is the latest Indian web series. Furthermore, it made its release on 30th April 2023 and is now streaming on the OTT platform (MX Player). This 8-episodic drama is full of comedy, drama, crime, and entertainment. Every episode is about 30-40 mins long. In addition, it has an ensemble cast that includes Sameer Dharmadhikari, Rakesh Bedi, Sami Khan, and Shubhangi Latkaras in prominent roles. Sami Khan is in the pivotal role that portrays both an advocate and an actor.

Furthermore, today, we are here with the AB LLB review. If you are curious about it, then you are in the right place. Read on to enlighten yourself.


AB LLB Story

Sami Khan AB LLB

AB LLB Iski To Degree He Ulti Hai is the directorial work of Sami Khan. The plot of this series is very interesting and entertaining. The plot of this series is about a budding actor named Bablu who chooses to become a lawyer. Why? Because this was his father’s late wish.

Furthermore, Bablu is a very bad lawyer who sadly always loses all the cases he fights for. The first case that comes to his hand is the one that builds up the comic element. It is about the MeToo allegation made by a famous actress about a gay producer. It starts with how a famous actress files a Metoo case against a producer. However, the catch is that the producer, in reality, is gay.

So Sami Khan, who is portraying the role of Babu, comes in as an advocate to fight the case. He becomes the defense lawyer of gay producer Jayanti Bhai in the hope that he will get a lead role in his next film. In the next part of the film, a thrilling case comes in, which is against a successful lawyer and a goon (Sameer Dharmadhikari). This case is Bablu’s last one before he embarks on his acting career. Will he be able to win this and fulfill his late father’s wish? Watch the series to find out.


AB LLB Review

Rakesh Bedi AB LLB

If you are looking for a short series that has great elements of comedy, drama, and crime, then AB LLB can be your best bet. The judge of this case is none other than Rakesh Bedi. The comic timing via him, the fake MeToo victim actress, the gay producer, and of course, our Babu is top-notch. Based on his acting skills in Court Room, Bablu starts winning cases and gets a chance in movies. But he promised to win one last case.

The last case is about a father killing his son and his girlfriend. The girl’s elder brother is a town’s successful lawyer and a goon named Sudama. Interestingly, Sudama is fighting this case against the accused father; meanwhile, Bablu supports the father. Sudama is a very hot-headed person, and Sameer Dharmadhikari very well portrays it. The fear in Bablu’s tone is super funny. However, the way he emerges as a strong lawyer is worth watching. His dialogue about the case not being an IPL match is very cool. Talking about the performances, Sameer Dharmadhikari, Rakesh Bedi, and Sami Khan have been exceptional with their performances. The comic timing is top-notch.


Final Verdict

Shubhangi Latkar AB LLB

It is safe to say that AB LLB is a fun watch. You can definitely resort to it as your weekend watch. Furthermore, it is easily available on MX Player, which is another plus. It might feel a bit bland at some moments. Regardless it is hilarious and entertaining. We will give AB LLB Iski To Degree He Ulti Hai 3.5 stars out of 5.

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