Secrets Of Love Review: Ravi Kishan Finely Attempts To Showcase Events From Osho’s Life

Secrets of Love Review

Originally planned as a movie, Secrets of love is now streaming on the OTT platform (MX Player) as a series. It made its release on 6th March 2023 as a six-part series with 20–25-minute episodes. Furthermore, this directorial work of Ritesh S Kumar is something that focuses on the events from Osho’s life. It focuses on the journey of this Indian religious leader from his childhood to his status as a godman. Although there were no promotions for the series, the followers of Osho are very well aware of its release. Sensational Bhojpuri actor Ravi Kishan can be seen in a pivotal role in the series. Furthermore, to say that he has done an immensely good job would be a sheer understatement. If you are curious to know the review of it, then you are at the right place. Read on to know about the secrets of love review.


Secrets Of Love Story

Vivek Mishra Osho Secrets of Love

The series “Secrets of love” is entirely inspired by the life events of Acharya Rajneesh, who popularly came to be known as Osho. The story of the series revolves around this controversial man and his life journey. The series begins by showcasing the days of his childhood life. Furthermore, it proceeds with showing the highs and lows he faced in order to become the leader of a global new spiritual, political revolutionary movement.  In addition, Osho has always been a controversial man throughout his life. Why and how? This movie portrays it in a moderately fine manner. Consequently, questions like What is lust? Why is this important? What is its limit? and Osho’s views on it are all answered well in the series.


Secrets Of Love Review

Ravi Kishan As Osho Secrets of Love

In secrets of love, one can see 3 actors portraying the character of Osho in different stages of life. While the role of Osho’s childhood has been played by Jayesh Kapoor, and the role of youth has been played by Vivek Anand Mishra. However, it is Ravi Kishan who plays and portrays the majority of important events of Osho’s life. Furthermore, the series very well portrays how Osho’s perspective on sex and love made him a controversial mystic guru. How he transformed from Rajneesh to Osho. However, the series still lacks certain essence of comprehensiveness. The series does not show the events and transformation in a nuanced way rather, it seems very fast-paced.

Ravi Kishan As Osho Secrets of Love

What majorly works against the series is that it was originally planned as a movie. Thus it lacks a great sense of “in-depth representation” of facts. The series tries to show us how in his childhood, he lived with his maternal grandparents and how his life evolved over time. However, nonetheless, it seems a bit ambiguous.

Apart from that, if we talk about acting, it is safe to say that everyone has done a pleasant job. However, it is Ravi Kishan who stands out among all. It is a treat to watch Kishan in the avatar of Osho. Be it his posture, his attire, or anything, Ravi Kishan has done an impeccable job in all of it. Furthermore, Jayesh Kapoor also very well plays a curious young Rajneesh, and Vivek Mishra does the same as a teenager Osho. The work of the three of them is great enough to make sense of how he eventually transformed and earned a sobriquet as a “sex guru”.


Final Verdict

Ravi Kishan As Osho Secrets of Love

To sum up the Secrets of love review, it can be said that the Secrets Of Love is a fine attempt at showing the major events of Osho’s life. The majority of credit should, without any doubt, be given to Ravi Kishan, who comes out of the Bhojpuri realm and does a Hindi series. Furthermore, much stronger writing that focuses on more nuances of his life rather than being fast-paced would have led the drama a great success. Nonetheless, it is and can be a great watch if you are interested in knowing about Osho and his life. We give Secrets of love 3 out of 5 stars.

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