Alia Bhatt Joined Aamir Khan’s Shramdaan Movement And Labored On International Worker’s Day

More Than 4 Lakh People Participated In The Movement

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Back in 2016, Aamir Khan along with Satyajit Bhatkal started the Paani Foundation. The prime objective of the foundation is to help the drought-affected areas in the state. The celebrities are also helping Aamir Khan in this. Yesterday, Alia Bhatt also announced that she would be joining the foundation on International Worker’s day (1 May).


Alia Bhatt Joined Shramdaan

Alia Bhatt took to her twitter handle and announced, “Tomorrow that is the 1st of May. I will be at a village in Marathwada, doing shramdaan with a shovel in my hands. What’s your plan? @paanifoundation @satyamevjayate @aamir_khan #PaaniFoundation.” Today she was seen helping in the movement.


“The Idea Is Always The Bigger Thing”

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The movement is progressively striding now and about this momentum, Aamir Said, “The idea has to be something good, something that can work. This was Satyajit’s idea. If the idea is not strong, then no matter how many celebrities push for it, it’s not going to work. The idea is always the bigger thing. Only then can celebrities give it a push. It’s not just me; a lot of celebrities from Marathi cinema have joined the movement.”


Almost 5 Lakh People Participated In Shramdaan

Two years ago, Aamir Khan started shramdaan (voluntary labor) he asked the city dwellers, celebrities, and other villagers to help the people living in drought-affected areas. Nearly 1,000 people participated that time. However, this year the number has increased almost 500 times as nearly one lakh people from cities and more than 3-4 lakh people from villages participated in the event.


How They Plan?

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Explaining about the shramdaan, Aamir Said, “When you sign up, you choose the taluka closest to you. When you reach the village, there will be a registration desk where you will be given a spot. The entire area is mapped out with chalk. For instance, if you are told to go to position 7A, there will be a rectangular drawing at that spot where you will dig. We kept 25 April until midnight as the deadline to register because we needed at least four to five days to plan everything.”


“We Were Nervous In The Beginning”

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Talking about the success, Aamir told that he was nervous in the beginning. He said,“Initially, Satya and I were nervous. In my experience, the biggest obstacle you have is your own doubts. It is always your internal self which sometimes makes you feel ‘ki ye Nahi Hoga’. When we surpassed the self-doubt phase, we plunge in. We thought that even if we fail, we would like to give it a shot,” he says.

It feels great to see the celebrities are taking steps to improve the conditions for the society. We are proud of what Aamir Khan’s Paani Foundation. What do you say about this? Share in the comments.

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