Man Shared A Picture Of Nimrat Kaur, ‘What Is The Actual Purpose To Show Cleavage?’ Fans React

Nimrat Kaur

Nimrat Kaur is getting appreciation for her wonderful performance in her recent film Dasvi. She played the role of Abhishek Bachchan’s wife Bimla Devi. Recently, a man shared her picture on Twitter from The Kapil Sharma Show and trolled her for dressing sense.

Nimrat Kaur Cleavage

Nimrat Kaur was wearing a black low-cut top. A guy asked why women ‘what is the purpose of showing their cleavage?‘. In a tweet, he wrote,

“Ladies, I really want to know What purpose does such outfits exactly serve, If it is to attract men,then why? If not to attract men, then why? It’s a very genuine question and no bait,please tell me what is the actual purpose to show cleavage? Please.”

Here is the tweet,

As expected, this tweet does not go down well with the netizens. The tweet caught the attention of the netizens and they replied to the tweet by supporting actress Nimrat Kaur.

Nimrat Kaur

One user wrote, “idk why men feel like they have rights to know the reason behind a woman’s choice of outfit… since when do women owe u or anybody any explanations?? the audacity to make everything about u tbh 🥴.” Another user wrote, “women are allowed to wear whatever the fuck they want and men need to stop thinking women do everything for them, it is that simple.” An user commented, “A man wears different types of clothes like lungi, dhoti, shorts, pants, jeans, ganji, tee shirts, half sleeve shirt, full sleeve shirt…what is the purpose of those outfits??? First explain that.”

Both men and women have the right to wear whatever they want to. Nobody should have any objection to anyone. It is an individual’s right, and one can live with freedom in India. Nimrat Kaur is one of the most talented and promising actresses in India. Her film Dasvi received a positive response from the audience and the critics.

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