Amrita Arora Cuts A Vulgar Cake For Her Birthday – Guess What It Looked Like!

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Friends treated Amrita Arora with TWO naughty birthday cakes for her 40th birthday. Sister Malaika Arora can be seen egging Amrita to cut her cake and her hilarious reaction is everything.

Dress codes Amrita Arora

All the friends gathered around Amrita and she cut her birthday cake. Her friends treated her with 2 naughty birthday cakes. Sister Malaika eggs Amrita to cut the cake!

Costume Party Amrita Arora

Amrita Arora celebrated her 40th bday party at her residence in Goa today. Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Karisma Kapoor and their squad landed in Goa earlier today to celebrate Amrita’s bday. The squad brought in Amrita’s birthday at Anjuna Beach.

Amrita Arora Birthday

Kareena and Amrita’s sister Malaika have organized this special surprise for Amrita. About the bash, a source had told us, “When Amrita opened her door and saw her girls she screamed in excitement and joy. It’s her 40th birthday and a very important milestone for her.

Cake Cut Scenes Amrita Arora

On her birthdays usually, Amrita and Shakeel fly to London or Bali to celebrate as she loves the places but this time her girls wanted to make it more special for her. Have a look at the video of Amrita cutting her ‘ kinky ‘ cake:


Have a look at more photos from the birthday party:

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Pic 5 Amrita Arora Birthday
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Pic 2 Amrita Arora Birthday
Pic 1 Amrita Arora Birthday

They kept the plan a secret so Amrita had no clue that they were coming. In fact, when she asked them if they were coming they all said they were very busy.” Recently the ever bubbly Preity Zinta turned 43. Have a look at some unknown facts about her right here.

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