Anand Ahuja Gifted Sonam Kapoor A Thoughtful Proposal Gift – Here’s What

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After much rumors, talk and excitement, stars Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja’s families have confirmed that the couple is about to be wed. Everyone is absolutely enthusiastic about the lovebirds tying the knot, decorations at the households are all underway with epic energy and it almost seems as if it was just yesterday when we came off the news that the couple started dating! Time really does fly.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Jackie Shroff To Attend Sonam Kapoor Wedding

Early this week, the couple had sent out their wedding invites. Fascinatingly enough, the invited were all eco-friendly e-invites! They had the invitees’ named watermarked on them, proving the act to be a clever and responsible one, all in a positive tone for the wedding. Although not much of the wedding itself has been disclosed, there is no doubt that the anticipations and expectations are sky high.

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Of course, with much talk about the wedding and the duo’s romance and chemistry, there one cute little piece of information that has not been going around a lot. According to insiders’ reports, we have news that Anand Ahuja gifted his to-be wife a thoughtful proposal present! Being Sonam’s boyfriend and fiancé, Anand knew of Sonam’s love for and talent in fashion. As a result, he was certain to give something special and memorable when he proposed marriage.

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With the sweetest surprise, Anand gifted Sonam a gorgeous rock. And without words, she was in awe and absolutely adored the gift! The source notes that the rock is rather big too. And in return, Sonam Kapoor will be gifting Anand a poem which she wrote when she was 16 Years Old. The poem is called ‘Ambition’.

Anand Ahuja Proposal Gift

After his sweet gesture, Anand has left girls longing for such a man in their life as well! As for May 8, the day the couple has decided to tie the knot, rolls by, much excitement is building. Much love and cheers for this beautiful couple! We can’t wait for their wedding, are you excited too? Also, did you know that Jackie Shroff will be attending their wedding as well? Irrespective of his past with Anil Kapoor, here’s what he enthusiastically said about Sonam’s wedding.

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