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Anupama 25th September 2023

Today’s Anupama 11th November 2023 episode begins with Anupama informing Pakhi that she is Anuj’s wife, to whom Pakhi is in any way connected. Pakhi becomes enraged when Anupama tells her she needs to grow in her lifestyle choices. According to Anupama, she has always urged Pakhi to act wisely, but Pakhi consistently does the opposite. Pakhi responds that she shops all the time to divert herself from her constant concerns because no one in the home is concerned about her. Anupama sighs in amazement as she observes Pakhi’s childish behavior and encourages her to do something constructive instead.

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Pakhi Compares Herself To Dimpy

Muskaan Bamne Anupamaa Salary

Pakhi compares herself to Dimpy and claims that if she had done anything like this, Anupama would’ve adored Dimple, leaving Anupama furious. Anupama claims that she shouldn’t ever compare herself to Dimpy since she is dealing with her own problems, which are not simple from any perspective. Anupama suggests that Pakhi attempt to achieve something on her own while Dimpy is attempting to get back on her feet to meet Samar’s dying desire. Pakhi, she says, is using her melancholy as a reason to get away with her harsh and unpleasant actions. Pakhi says she’s only making an effort to forget about her incapacity to become a parent by purchasing recklessly.


Anupama’s Bold Move

Anupama Today's Episode

Pakhi is startled when Anupama questions her to give back Anuj’s credit card since she does not deserve it, and she informs Anupama that she will only return it to Anuj. On the other hand, Anupama takes the card out by herself and chops it into pieces before asking Pakhi to give her some cash to make purchases. Anupama returns downstairs after finishing her chat with Pakhi, where Anuj is conversing to Anu and appreciating her prize.


Anuj Apologizes

Anupama 23rd September 2023

Anupama delivers the shattered parts of the card to Anuj after Anu has left, questioning why he handed a credit card to Pakhi when she has already been spoiled beyond by Vanraj. Anuj admits to providing the card, claiming that it isn’t a huge deal, but Anupama disapproves, emphasizing to Anuj that they need to guarantee that their children do not grow unduly greedy and understand how they must work hard for things they need in their life. He accepts and apologizes to Anupama for gifting Pakhi such a card, which surprises Malti Devi. As Anuj questions Anupama about why no one notified him about Anu’s school competition, Anupama responds that she also found out about it at the last minute.

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