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Anupama 14th March 2024 Written Updates Today’s Episode

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Today’s Anupama 14th March 2024 episode begins with Anupama returning to the restaurant, recalling what Toshu told her and asking God for help. She asks God to identify the true perpetrator since it is very essential for her and this restaurant, and she thinks that Anuj has received a lot of animosity for this as she worries about where Anuj is. Anuj, on the other hand, arrives in India as Aadya embraces him and sits alongside Shruti as she rests in a hospital bed. He speaks to Shruti, who says she is aware she stated she would handle it, but it’s very difficult for her here. Continue reading to know more about today’s episode.

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Pleased Dimpy

Anupama Dimpy Kavya

He assures her not to stress because he is here, but Shruti pleads him not to leave right now. Aadya then gives the pills, and they both thank him as he gets a phone call. Dimpy expresses her happiness at seeing Ansh getting more attached to her. Hasmukh reminds her that now is the time to strengthen her relationship with Ansh. The children show Kavya their drawings, which she compliments. At the hospital, Anuj gets a call from Mr. Scillus, who notifies him that Anupama has been released and appreciates him for his assistance. He also praises Mr. Dhillon for his assistance.


Anuj Feels Good

Gaurav Khanna In Anupamaa

Anuj feels better to learn that Anupama is alright and expresses appreciation. He then phones Mohit and requests for all of the CCTV video. Anuj determines that whoever put Anupama in this circumstance should not go unpunished, and he sets out to discover the offender. Dimpy becomes happy because Ansh wishes to go to the theme park while she speaks to Titu. He advises her to make the most of it and expresses his delight at seeing her content.


Job For Anupama

Anupama Today's Episode

On the other hand, Toshu and his family sit at the table, and Toshu requests that Kinjal refrain from taking Pari to school after they argue. Vanraj and Leela urge her to do the same because they wish for her to get more time with them. Elsewhere, Anupama approaches her dance teacher and informs her that it is fine if they have any objections to her visiting there, and she will not continue. The dance teacher expresses faith in her and informs her that she is available to assist her. She goes on to add that she phoned Anupama to discuss a different matter and needs her to teach the two fresh batches she is commencing.

The teacher informs her that obtaining bail in the United States is quite costly and that either Yashdeep took out a loan or Beeji kept her jewelry. On the other hand, Leela watches the media’s coverage of Anupam and the incident and urges that she stay in the house until the true culprit is apprehended. Meanwhile, Anuj examines the tape as Aadya observes him performing his job. Anuj discovers footage of Toshu with the robbers. He eventually finds the footage of Toshu sneaking the piece of jewelry into Anupama’s bag and understands everything. Anuj criticizes himself, claiming he ought to have considered about it sooner while calling Anupama and informing her that Toshu is the perpetrator.

What do you think will happen next in the story? If you want to satisfy your curiosity, don’t miss today’s program. Also, share your thoughts in the comments section below. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Also, stay tuned for more information on this intriguing show.

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