Anupama 17th August 2023 Today’s Written Update

Anupama 17 August 2023

The current Anupama episode, which airs on August 17, 2023, begins with Anuj telling Romil that his shenanigans will no longer be accepted in this home. Romil loses control and smashes the plates, and kicks the sofa. Anupama restrains Anuj and tells him to calm down as he declares that he is just one step away from slapping Romil again. Romil may have previously lived alone; she attempts to convince him that his actions are wrong. But if he keeps acting this way, no one will put up with his purchases or his rudeness.


Romil Wants To Leave The House

Romil in Anupamaa

Anupama urges Romil to rethink his choice when he declares that he is leaving the house since it seems like a prison. She warns him that if he doesn’t work, no one will take responsibility for him. Ankush requests that Romil apologizes to Anuj and Anupama, as this is their home. When Romil apologizes, Barkha huffs in disappointment since she had hoped he wouldn’t have. Romil then exits to his room.


Romil Feels Humiliated

Ankush then claims that since he was never able to be a decent parent, it is all his responsibility that Romil is the way he is. Anuj informs Ankush bluntly that all he wants is peace and no arguments in this house, and Ankush responds by promising to prevent it from happening again. In the meantime, a furious Romil recounts the slap Anuj gave him and claims Anuj insulted him in front of his friends.


Leela Is Sad

Anupama 6 July 2023

The kitchen is divided into two halves at Leela’s home the next morning, which pains her. She questions Kinjal about who did this, and Kinjal responds that Dimpy is responsible. Just then, Dimple also shows up there, mockingly wishing Leela a good morning. While Dimple laughs and motions for Leela to move from her area since she is in her space, Leela declares that one day the poison Dimple speaks will consume her.


The Business Talks

Anupamaa 25 May 2023 Written Update

Conversely, Anupama prepares a chocolate milkshake for Anuj and kisses him on the cheek as Barkha and Adhik enter the living room. Barkha inquires about Anuj’s meeting with Talvar, reminding him that she, too, wishes to be an integral part of the business in his absence.

Anuj compliments Barkha for running the company, but he also mentions that there are numerous challenges that make Barkha sweat. Anuj brings in papers from prior months, indicating to Adhik and Barkha that they all have a single thing in common: losses. As a result, he did not consider taking them to the conference to be unimportant.


Will Pakhi Work With Anupama?

Anuj also tells Barkha that he remembers what happened behind his back, following which he calls Pakhi. Pakhi arrives and questions Anuj about what happened, to which Anuj responds that she will co-head the Talvar case with Anu.

Pakhi bursts into ecstasy and embraces Anuj firmly while Adhik returns to his room to punch the bed to relieve his rage. Meanwhile, Romil enters the living room and requests a black coffee, but Anuj informs him that no black coffee will be given today.

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