Anupama 1st November 2023 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama 22nd August 2023

The episode of Anupama that airs today, November 1, 2023, opens with Anuj and Anupama getting ready to give something as Malti Devi arrives. With a grin, Anupama welcomes Malti Devi and informs her that they are preparing for Kavya’s baby shower, which will lift everyone’s spirits. Continue reading to know more about today’s episode.

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Malti Devi Questions Anuj

Anupama 16th September 2023

Malti Devi questions Anuj about his company because she doesn’t like what she hears; he responds that he knows what he is doing and doesn’t need advice from others. Anupama responds that no one in the Shah family has to worry about the preparations, despite Malti Devi’s suggestion that the mother’s family get ready for the event. Anupama claims that the reason they are doing it is because Dimple lives with them, Leela and Hasmukh are becoming very old, Vanraj is ill, Kinjal and Toshu are occupied with work, and so on. Malti Devi does not respond; instead, she reflects on her thoughts about how Anupama misuses Anuj by making him think about the irrelevant Shah family.


Unfiltered Dimple

Anupama Today's Episode

As the crowd erupts in loud cheers, Dimple questions her friend who will be performing. Her friend informs her that the well-known dancer “Tapesh Titu” will take the stage. Dimple is startled when a man walks onto the stage and begins to dance elegantly while pulling off several tricks, and she departs in the middle of the show.

As the performance ends, a man approaches her and questions how she likes it. Dimple responds that it has given her a headache out of the blue. The man is shocked when Dimple tells him that her pupils are better dancers and don’t just practice aerobics for the sake of dancing, adding that it is uncommon to see individuals who don’t have a filter.


Anupama Visits Shah Residence

Anupamaa Episode 24th May 2023

Concurrently, Anupama visits the Shah residence to present Leela and Hasmukh with presents and apprise them about the baby shower arrangements. After Hasmukh and Vanraj arrive and Anupama informs them about the occasion, Leela admits she is unsure how she would handle things.


Vanraj Exits

When Anupama questions Vanraj about his role as Kavya’s child’s father, Vanraj appears shocked and exits the room, which worries the others. Hasmukh reassures them that Vanraj will return to normal in due course. Anupama tells Leela not to give up and to be kind because Vanraj has finally left the house by himself. Leela becomes tearful.


Anupama Bumps Into Kinjal And Toshu

Anupama Daily Soap

Anupama chooses to leave the home because she has a phone call coming up. On her way out, she runs into Kinjal and Toshu and asks them whether they can make it to the baby shower. Toshu requests that Anupama refrain from making fun of them when she invites them to spend a while with the family since they appear very busy. Anupama takes offense at Toshu’s claim that no one in the family takes care of Pari, and she recalls him and Kinjal about the occasions when Leela, Kavya, and Pari took care of Pari when Kinjal was away.

What do you think will happen next in the story? If you want to satisfy your curiosity, don’t miss today’s program. Share your thoughts in the comments section below. We are looking forward to hearing from you! Also, stay tuned for more information on this intriguing show.

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