Manish Naggdev Revealed The Reason Behind His Breakup With Srishty Rode

He Also Told If Rohit Suchanti Is Involved Or Not

Srishty Rode And Manish Naggdevvia

Being together for over 4 years, Manish Naggdev and Srishty Rode have called off their relationship. There were rumors that the couple would get married in late 2019. The fans considered Rohit Suchanti to be the reason behind the separation of Manish-Srishty. However, Naggdev cleared the rumors and said that there is no third party involved in the breakup.


Srishty Rode And Rohit Suchanti

Srishty Rode And Manish Naggdev

Srishty Rode and Rohit Suchanti came quite close inside the house of Bigg Boss. This generated wild rumors about them. Furthermore, Rohit has already confessed his feelings towards Srishty. Somehow, Manish does not address Rohit as the reason for his breakup.


The Reason Behind Breakup

Srishty Rode And Manish Naggdev

Manish Naggdev said, “All I can say is minor disagreements and difference of opinion led to it. We were expecting different things from each other. Around three weeks ago we realized that things are not working out between us as expected. So we discussed the future of our relationship and decided that it was better to part ways. I have immense love and respect for Srishty and cherish the time spent with her.”


No Third Party Involved?

Srishty Rode And Manish Naggdev

Manish further continued, “Our relationship hasn’t ended because of a third party as many seem to have assumed. These are just rumors. There is no other girl or guy involved including Rohit Suchanti.”


They Finally Decided To Move On

Srishty Rode And Manish Naggdev

Manish also told that their relationship was not going well and both of them had less time thinking about it as they were busy in their work commitments. Inside the house of Bigg Boss, Srishty had a lot of time to think about the sinking relationship. After the eviction, the duo met only thrice and found out that the things are not working out.

Well, Manish has revealed the reason on his behalf and we are waiting to see what Srishty says about it.

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