Anupama 21st August 2023 Today’s Episode Written Update

Anupama 21st August 2023

Anupama’s August 21, 2023 episode begins with Anupama being surprised by Pakhi’s statements regarding not taking action. Anupama believes that no woman should remain silent while her husband abuses her. She states how Pakhi has remained mute after being in a similar scenario several times. Anupama asks Pakhi to look at Adhik, who is standing sternly, and comprehend that her not talking about him will not make him decent again. In order to maintain their marriage, Pakhi tells Anupama that she doesn’t want anything to upset Adhik. Further, she even makes up the story that she made him angry. Continue reading to know more about what transpires in today’s episode.

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Anupama Tries To Help Pakhi

Anupama Today's Episode

Anupama and Vanraj groan in tension as Pakhi states that she loves Adhik and doesn’t want anything wrong to happen to him. Anupama urges Pakhi to stop supporting the wrong party. Further, she urges her to come clean about the fact that Adhik does not treat her with any respect in their marriage.

Using herself as an example, Anupama asks Pakhi if she hasn’t witnessed how her mother died after spending years in a disrespectful relationship. Pakhi claims that even Anupama spent 25 years in that marriage. Anupama then inquires as to why Pakhi wants to repeat the same foolish mistake.

Anupama reminds Pakhi that she is a modern-day youngster who is better knowledgeable about women’s rights in marriage and the sinister mysteries beneath them. Pakhi responds that she does not require anyone to advocate for her in her marital affairs. Anupama nonetheless urges her to open her eyes and speak out against the wrongdoing.


Kinjal’s Support

Nidhi Shah Anupamaa

Meanwhile, Kinjal examines Kavya’s sonography records and finds Kavya’s tight countenance, which makes her apprehensive. Kinjal adds she is available to Kavya if she needs to discuss anything.


Pakhi Is Confused

Muskaan Bamne Anupamaa Salary

Back at the Kapadia home, Anuj informs Pakhi that Adhik will carry out the same action after a few days have passed because a man who can beat up a woman once may do so again if necessary.

Anupama and Vanraj concur, telling her that they value their daughter. Further, they want to ensure she is not with Adhik but in a secure setting.

Even Hasmukh and Leela urge Pakhi to speak up and not be quiet. As a result, Pakhi ponders the arguments made by her family members.


Adhik’s Apology

Anupamaa 25 May 2023 Written Update

Adhik first rejects Barkha’s request to fall on his knees to beg for Pakhi’s forgiveness to avoid going to jail for domestic violence.

However, Adhik soon apologizes to Pakhi and gets down on his knees as Barkha informs Adhik about the dire scenario and how it might lead to Adhik’s imprisonment.

When Anuj inquires about what suddenly changed Adhik’s enlightened perspective, Adhik responds that Pakhi standing up for him despite his inappropriate behavior made him see how wrong he had been.

Adhik claims he will accept any punishment, and Leela suggests a few months in jail.

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