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Anupama 28th February 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

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Today’s Anupama 28th February 2024 episode begins with Yashdeep informing Anupama that no one can imagine such a horrible event because of Diya’s appearance and smile in public. Anupama believes that when contrasted with others, one’s unhappiness becomes little. Yashdeep thinks that one ought not to contrast and compare life with others but rather embrace the simple things that they have. Anupama feels good after learning Yashdeep’s perspective on life and assures him she is delighted to hear such kind words from him, following which they proceed towards the restaurant. Continue reading to know more about today’s episode.

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Anuj Takes Anupama’s Stand

Anuj Anupama

While walking, Anupama stumbles after bumping against someone, and Yashdeep grabs and saves her. Anuj and Toshu watch the scene from afar, and Toshu claims that Anupama is developing new connections outside of her family while neglecting them. As Toshu continues defaming Anupama’s personality, Anuj urges him to pause and points to him that he is speaking about his mother. Toshu apologizes to Anuj, and they run into Anupama and Yashdeep, who praise Toshu on his new position. Toshu informs Anupama that she has informed everyone about it.


Dimpy Pushes Kavya

Anupama Dimpy Kavya

Anuj says he had intended to call Yashdeep because he needed to speak to him concerning something significant. Yashdeep agrees to settle in and discuss, asking Anupama to accompany them to the meeting. Meanwhile, Dimpy informs Kavya that Ansh continues stealing from his buddies. Kavya urges her to devote time to herself and Ansh. As Kavya tries to discuss Teetu, Dimpy claims she doesn’t want to speak about it and unintentionally pushes Kavya, following which she immediately hugs her and apologizes.

Kavya claims Dimpy is furious with herself and attempts to persuade Dimpy that she doesn’t have to back down simply because Pakhi likes Teetu. Pakhi overhears this. She attempts to communicate with Vanraj about Teetu again, but he drives her away. Pakhi declares that she would handle things on her own. At the exact moment, Anuj presses his jaw as he notices Anupama and Yashdeep’s arms touching against each other.


Anupama Accepts The Offer

Anupama Latest Updates

Anuj states he wants their business to participate in the food festival and set up a stall, which would benefit them. Yashdeep declines the idea because he understands Anupama is uncomfortable with Anuj. However, Anupama encourages Yashdeep to accept the offer because they suffered a significant loss due to the fire. Yashdeep agrees, and the two parties sign the agreement. Anupama addresses Anuj as “Kapadia Sir,” and she refuses to shake hands with him. Meanwhile, Teetu envisions Dimpy coming to meet him, and then someone comes to meet him in his hotel room, leaving Teetu stunned after opening the door.

When Anuj urges Anupama to be cautious on the road, Yashdeep responds that he is with her and won’t allow her to fall, making Anuj enraged from within.

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