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Anupama 3rd January 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Anupama Today's Episode Update

The Anupama episode from January 3, 2024, opens with Kavya entering the kitchen and asking Dimpy to take a little break while she finishes her work there. When Kavya suggests they work cooperatively to do the task more quickly, Dimpy responds that she’s OK and will finish it shortly. Dimpy then smiles slightly.

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Kavya Misses Mahi

Anupama Dimpy Kavya
When Dimpy inquires whether Kavya is missing Mahi, Kavya becomes upset and admits that it is hard for her to live without her daughter close by.  Kavya describes how Mahi has become weaker and thinner over time and hasn’t concentrated on her favorite activity—painting—in her courses lately. When Kavya informs Dimpy that Mahi is depressive, Dimpy urges Kavya to bring Mahi to this home, which will help Mahi’s condition. Kavya claims she has the same desires as Mahi, but she is aware that Vanraj would never acknowledge Mahi as his daughter and that she will not receive the affection she is due from this family. Kavya is encouraged by Dimpy’s statement that while some individuals will stand out, others, like her and Hasmukh, will also show Mahi love. After learning that Mahi would get her mother, Kavya becomes enlightened. Dimpy then advises her to give the situation some more thought.

Aadhya Meets Anupama

Anupama Latest Updates

As this is going on, Aadhya visits the restaurant and wonders why she has come to see Anupama even though she would prefer to have no relationship with her. Anupama turns around twice as she senses a familiar presence, but Aadhya ducks behind the wall. Afterward, Anupama steps outside to confront Aadhya. Anupama calls Aadhya “Bhebli” and tells her that she thinks of her daughter when she looks at her. Aadhya becomes terrified and tells Anupama that she can do nothing to help her. After Aadhya leaves, Anupama stands there and discovers a bracelet with her name on it.


Vanraj Talks To Teetu

Anupama Latest Updates

Simultaneously, Leela falls asleep while the kids play together, and Kavya states that Dimpy can only become Ansh’s mother after Vanraj and Leela have both fallen asleep. When Teetu arrives and stands in front of the gate to prevent the ball from getting outside, Dimpy urges Ansh and Ishani to stop playing. Dimpy becomes anxious when Teetu befriends Ansh and demands his ball back, and she keeps looking around to see whether Vanraj is still around. The children are delighted when Teetu performs magic for them, but Vanraj arrives and asks Dimpy to accompany them inside so he may speak with Teetu.

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