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Anupama 24th October 2023

The episode of Anupama that airs today, November 6, 2023, begins with Malti Devi questioning Anupama about what she is trying to express. Anupama responds that both of them are aware of the situation. Speaking of Pakhi, Anupama asks Malti Devi why she informed Pakhi that Anupama adores Dimpy more than she does.

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Malti Devi Questions Anupama

Anupama 16th September 2023

Malti Devi falls quiet as Anupama declares that her love for her daughter and daughter-in-law is unconditional, as they are both her equals in every aspect. When Malti Devi questions Anupams about whether she is making fun of her, Anupams responds that she likes to speak with people face-to-face and doesn’t usually make fun of people.


Anupama’s Claims

Anupama Today's Episode

Anupama believes that Malti devi shouldn’t have informed Anu that Anupama has no spare time for her since she is preoccupied with Dimpy and that Anupama ought to go to Malti devi rather than her mother constantly. Malti devi rejects telling Pakhi anything, however, Anupama claims that her children inform her everything, even when they are angry, and Anu cannot lie alone. She goes on to say that Malti Devi has attempted to separate Anupama and her children in the past but has failed and that she will continue to do so.


Malti Devi Puts Up An Act

Though the house belongs to the entire family, Anupama cautions Malti Devi that only Anuj and she have the authority to determine who may reside there and for how long. Anupama is perplexed when Malti Devi sees Anuj coming downstairs, but she gets the whole scenario when Anuj asks them what’s wrong. Malti Devi alters her tone and apologizes to Anupama. Anupama feels that Malti Devi hasn’t changed at all and is still up to her cunning plotting as Malti Devi leaves.


Anuj Educates Romil

Romil in Anupamaa

After telling Anupama that she doesn’t need to worry about anything, Anuj and Ankush visit Romil for dinner and have a conversation with him about sex education. Anuj begins the discussion casually, asking Romil whether he has a girlfriend because he is pretty cool and gorgeous and must be well-known on campus. The question catches Romil aback, and he informs Anuj and Ankush that he doesn’t have a girlfriend but loves someone. Ankush and Anuj laugh, and Anuj tells her how he would fancy Anupama in college but couldn’t confess to her.


Shocked Malti Devi

In the meantime, Malti devi arrives and inquires of Anupama what discourse is required outside that Anuj and Ankush brought Romil with them. When Malti Devi learns about the situation, she is horrified and advises Anupama that children should be disciplined immediately if something similar occurs, but Anupama disagrees. According to Anupama, to effectively lead their children by teaching them the difference between right and wrong, parents must adapt to the changing circumstances. Malti Devi is adamant that discussing sex is not OK, and Anupama asserts that their perspectives on the subject are divergent.


Mature Anuj

Anupama 22nd September 2023

In another instance, Romil is informed by Anuj that the internet may not always provide accurate answers to teens’ inquisitive inquiries. Ankush responds by saying that they are constantly available to provide Romil with whatever knowledge he may need during this period of transition. Anuj concedes that there will be an age difference, but they are always willing to support Romil, and Romil appreciates them for having that uncomfortable talk. Anupama is glad to receive Anuj’s message, which states that he has spoken with Romil.

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